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Texas Transfer Josh Robinson Boosts B.A. Tigers

GTR Sports Writer

GOING UP: Josh Robinson drives for a basket in Broken Arrow’s game at Jenks early in the season. 

One part of Broken Arrow’s success this year comes from Josh Robinson.

A 6-4 senior guard, Robinson relocated to the Tulsa area from Paris, Texas, before the school year. He came up this way to take care of his sick grandmother. Originally, his plans were to attend and play at Union, but after hooking up with Broken Arrow players Caleb Huffman and Camryn Dennis and coach Beau Wallace, he decided the Tigers were the team for him.

When he played in Paris, Robinson faced opponents who went after him because of his height and offense.  

“It was harder because every team just focused in on me. So, it would be like shooting over a double or triple team. It was harder to get my shot,” Robinson says.

The game plan is different at Broken Arrow, and Robinson likes it that way.

“It’s been more offense, more team chemistry, more ball movement and better coaching because there are more coaches than I had,” he says.  “The facilities, the trainers, teammates, it’s just all a lot better.

“Playing with guys like (Braden) Boyer and Huffman, Cam (Camryn Dennis), Major (Smith), it’s just easier to play within a team,” Robinson adds. “I don’t have to score 30 or 40 (points) for us to win. I can score 12 or 13 and we can still win. So, it’s pretty fun and relaxing.”

Robinson’s presence has helped the Tigers to a 10-1 record and the top ranking in Class 6A.  

“I know what it feels like to have the heavy load, having to score a lot of points for you to win, and if you don’t, then it’s all on your shoulders. I was okay with that, but it got tiring,” Robinson says. “You have to put in a lot more work to keep your body durable and being able to play those big minutes and those long minutes.

“Playing at Broken Arrow, you still work as hard, but during the game, I don’t have to shoot every shot,” he says. “On some possessions, I don’t even have to touch the ball for us. We just move and score. It feels good playing with other elite players.”

Playing the game since the age of two, Robinson describes basketball as a game that comes with a lot of preparation and a lot of work. 

“It means you can’t put things off, you got to come in ready to work and ready to play within the team, and play for the team and not yourself. So, it’s basically been a fun experience,” he says.

“The best part is the competitive nature of it. It’s just a great game to play and you make so many friends.”

Ask the new Broken Arrow athlete how he sees himself as a player and he’ll say that he’s more of a taller guard that likes to rebound, run in transition, shoot the 3 and play the passing lanes.

“I don’t really have a favorite position,” Robinson says. “I’m just more of a player, just an athlete.”

Although he is from Texas, Robinson likes the Oklahoma City Thunder as his favorite NBA team.

Although we are now in the second season since he left, Kevin Durant is his favorite player.

“Whenever I was younger, everyone used to say that I play like Kevin Durant and I was going to be like Kevin Durant because I was like tall and slender, the way I handle the ball and shoot. I always liked the Kevin Durant comparison,” Robinson says.  

Robison’s favorite memory so far this season is back when the Tigers beat Westmoore in the championship game of their own Broken Arrow Classic early last month.

“Seeing everybody in Broken Arrow cheering for us and all the team, even the ones on the bench contributed in some way,” he says. “Everybody was happy at the end of the day no matter what the stat showed for everyone.”

Like anyone else, Robinson has one thing in mind for the team.

“I’m just ready for the season to develop more and win a championship,” he says. “I see that if we become more consistent on the defensive end and block consistently, I don’t see why we can’t go down to Oral Roberts and win state.”

Updated 02-03-2018

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