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Broadcasting Legend Chris Lincoln to Team With J.V. Haney and Gil Cloud on TV Show

Editor at Large

SPORTING LEGENDS: Ready to entertain sports fans in Greater Tulsa and beyond on Cox TV are sports legends, from left, Tulsa Public Schools Athletic Director Gil Cloud, nationally-known broadcaster Chris Lincoln, and Tulsa broadcaster and former coach J.V. Haney.

Chris Lincoln has a simple and direct assessment of his latest television venture. “Three dumb guys sitting around talking sports.” It’s Chris Lincoln at his self-effacing best.

He is a larger-than-life personality. Quick of wit. Long on charm. He is a man of words. An observer of man. For more than 40 years, he has been a household name, a household presence, throughout Tulsa, throughout Oklahoma. For many, he was the first word, the final word, in the world of sporting achievement. From his vantage point behind the microphone with KTUL-TV, and ABC, and ESPN, from his presence at a world-wide range of competition venues, Chris Lincoln became a recognizable voice, a voice of experience, a voice to trust. He was not one of those so-called “dumb guys sitting around talking sports.” He was, instead, a knowledgeable guy explaining, defining and exploring accomplishments in sports. In August, Lincoln will begin writing a new chapter in the book of Oklahoma sports coverage as he joins two other Tulsa notables, Gil Cloud and J.V. Haney, for a biweekly talkfest on Cox cable television. As Lincoln describes it, “Oklahoma Sportscene” will feature 60 minutes of sports, “with no news, no weather.” The range for conversational topics should be as broad as Lincoln’s television career. He has hosted coaches’ shows for each of the state’s four major universities. He has handled football play-by-play assignments for ABC, football and basketball play-by-play duties for ESPN. And then there was his move into horse racing. Hailed as “The Voice of the Thoroughbreds,” Lincoln became the singular conduit for the world’s top international races, calling the action in nine countries across four continents. With the pairing of Lincoln, Cloud and Haney, “Oklahoma Sportscene” can be viewed as a winning trifecta. Cloud is Director of Athletics for Tulsa Public Schools, having spent his professional career in the promotion and advancement of high school and college athletics. Haney followed his basketball coaching career with a turn into radio and television. He teamed with Bill Land in 1995 to launch “Sportscene,” a 60-minute sports conversation on Cox. For the last three years, since the demise of “Sportscene,” Haney has hosted “Inside Tulsa Athletics” for Tulsa Public Schools. Lincoln sees “Oklahoma Sportscene” as a revival of the Haney-Land milestone program. Lincoln was a frequent guest and substitute host on the show. “People want their local sports,” Lincoln said. He promises to answer that demand with segments he defines as “interesting and entertaining.” While attending the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Lincoln said he picked up a phrase that has remained with him throughout his award-winning sportscasting career: “News is about people’s failure. Sports is about people’s accomplishments.” He smiled as he repeated the words of a long-ago professor. “Isn’t that so true?” he said. Lincoln, who arrived at KTUL-TV in 1974, expects “Oklahoma Sportscene” to follow the example of chronicling the high points of athletic endeavor. “There have been so many great athletes come out of Oklahoma,” he said. “And they all have great stories. With “Oklahoma Sportscene,” Lincoln says the format will not serve for the dissemination of soundbites. “We will let these people tell their stories,” he said. Individually, the three hosts alone have an abundance of stories to tell. But with their experience in leadership and media presentation, they know enough to allow a guest to run with a good story. Lincoln is a superb storyteller. His recall is precise. His sources are deep. He has taken the knack of name-dropping to the level of adroit artfulness.

As an in-demand master of ceremonies for so many charitable functions, he is known for his proficiency and his benevolence.

He is engaging and downright droll. He talks fast, laughs heartily. Cloud is in his fifth decade working in education and athletics. He has been coach and athletics administrator at the high-school and collegiate levels. His communication skills have been polished and honed to perfection through years of high-profile presentations and activities. Haney is a hall-of-fame coach who has become the most recognized voice of high-school competition in the state. He has skillfully hosted coaches’ shows on the collegiate and prep levels “Chris Lincoln brings a tremendous background and knowledge to the table as host of ‘Oklahoma Sportscene,’” Cloud said. “His depth and knowledge of sports are almost unlimited. Working with Chris over the past 30 years as an athletics administrator, I appreciate his professionalism and his work ethic in preparing for each assignment. “J.V. Haney has been a friend and colleague for 40 years,” Cloud said. “His ability to transition from coach and AD to a member of the media has been outstanding. He respects both sides of the professions.” During the nearly two decades of hosting “Sportscene” with Land, Haney often was joined by Lincoln as co-host and guest. “Chris is a professional,” Haney said. “I am looking forward to working with him, and with Gil, as we begin this new venture. I have so much respect for both of them. It should be a great experience, for us and for the viewers.” “Oklahoma Sportscene” will be distributed by Cox to subscribers in Tulsa and in Oklahoma City. New programs are scheduled to air at 10 p.m. on alternate Wednesdays, with repeat airings on Sundays and Mondays.

Updated 08-28-2017

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