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The City of Tulsa is a Veteran Friendly Community

From Tulsa's Mayor By G.T. BYNUM

November is the month of Veterans Day, and I’m grateful for all the men and women who faithfully served and defended our country with bravery, integrity, distinction and honor. Every veteran has made sacrifices to ensure the freedom of all American citizens and I deeply appreciate their dedicated service to this country. It’s also humbling to know that many veterans gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedoms that we all hold dear.

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Society Offers Ambiance Plus Burgers, Beers

Local Dining By BLAKE AUSTYN

Society, 1419 E. 15th St., opened this summer and is an intriguing new space along Cherry Street. Its intrigue is due to both its ownership—Bret Chandler and Marc Chastain, the two owners of Rib Crib, its barbecue-less menu—and its unique interior.

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Student Joins Legal Team for New Career

News from Tulsa Tech by DR. STEVE TIGER

Christina Sheppard has always been intrigued by the legal system, and decided to return to school with hopes of pursuing a career in the demanding field.

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Noted Art Deco Oil Company Building Sits Empty

On Architecture by ROGER COFFEY, AIA

At 119 E. 6th St. in Tulsa, at the northwest corner of Sixth Street and Cincinnati Avenue, an attractive building sits forlornly. It’s been said that empty buildings deteriorate rapidly. If so the Arco (Atlantic Richfield Company) Building, which has been long empty, is a prime example. Legal ownership issues have left the building in limbo. Arco left Tulsa in 1985.

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Tulsa County’s Legislative Agenda Began Last Summer


While the 2019 Legislative Session will officially begin Feb. 4, the work to finalize Tulsa County’s legislative agenda began last summer.

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Energy Security Depends on Education

Energy Watch by MARK A. STANSBERRYn

Forty-five years ago, on Oct. 17, 1973, the Arab oil embargo began as agreed to by the OPEC oil ministers. Since that time, beginning with the embargo, U.S. energy and economic direction has been impacted due to that decision. (The members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries “OAPEC” initiated the oil embargo.)

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Holiday Entertainment Takes Center Stage


This assessment may be due to my stage of life, but the best gifts I receive at holiday time or on birthdays are ones that involve some sort of experience. That might include travel, a lovely shared meal or tickets to live entertainment. Now that the holidays are drawing near, I encourage you to scout out possible gift solutions that support local talent, focus on touring shows or both. You might be surprised by the large cache of fun and affordable options available.

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Adams Building a Leader in Terra Cotta Design

On Architecture By ROGER COFFEY, AIA

If any building in Tulsa could be said to display the most intricate terra cotta design it would have to be The Adams Building at 403 South Cheyenne Avenue.

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Tulsa Tech’s Mobile App Development Program Offers Opportunities in Growing Industry

News From Tulsa Tech By DR. STEVE TIGER

Tulsa Tech’s Mobile App Development Program provides an opportunity for students to create and test mobile applications utilizing industry standard software. Applications are developed for mobile devices such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants, and mobile phones.

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Studies Are Underway to Examine OTC’s Efficiency

From Tulsa County by RON PETERS

During the last legislative session, you may recall there was a lot of discussion about ways to increase revenues. Equally important, there needs to be a discussion about how to improve the efficiency of the services provided by the state of Oklahoma to our cities and counties. One area of state government that directly impacts Oklahoma’s cities and counties is the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s (OTC) responsibility for the collection of sales taxes. Cities and counties rely on sales taxes to support important projects. In Tulsa County, the sales tax is the main funder of the jail, the new mental health pods at the jail, the new Family Justice Center, and of course the Vision projects.

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Busy Fall Features Performances Rich in Variety


My children came back to Tulsa recently from their homes in New York City and San Francisco and marveled at the breadth and convenience of our entertainment options. Tulsa’s theaters, parks, sports complexes and casinos offer non-stop activity. What’s more, tickets are more plentiful here, often less expensive, and parking and traffic aren’t such ordeals. Our Tulsa renaissance is thrilling to observe and fun to share.

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Bramble Breakfast & Bar Popular in Pearl, Riverwalk

Local Dining By BLAKE AUSTYN

The Bramble Breakfast and Bar opened in Tulsa’s Pearl District in August.

The restaurant, offering breakfast and lunch dishes, opened its original location in the Blue Dome District before moving to Jenks’ Riverwalk Crossing and then expanding into the Pearl District at 1302 E. 6th St.

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D.C. Rally Brought Red Dirt Music to the Masses

Searching for the Sound by BRYAN CANTRELL

“Can we make an honest effort, can we see beyond our greed, sunshine, wind and water is all we really need.”
– Bob Childers

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Gathering Place is a World-Class Destination

From Tulsa's Mayor by Mayor G. T. Bynum

On Sept. 8, officials of Gathering Place swung the gates wide open and welcomed thousands of Tulsans into a veritable wonderland for people of all ages, diverse backgrounds and interests.

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Blazing Entertainment Featured in Fall Lineup


Summer is behind us, but fun times continue with more outstanding concerts and attractions.

While the weather is still agreeable, check out the first-ever rock concert at the ONEOK Field. Twelve-time Grammy-winning artist Jack White performs music from his new album, Boarding House Reach, Sept. 17. ONEOK is collaborating with SMG Tulsa, the company that programs and runs the BOK Center for this one-of-a-kind event. The BOK Center and ONEOK Field have achieved so much for our city and for downtown in particular.

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