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BTW Junior a Highly Regarded Defensive Back

Sports Writer


In two seasons, Booker T. Washington star Dax Hill has become one of the top defensive backs in the area. He graced the cover of a publication with four other area players and is being sought out by several Division-I colleges across the country. And he is just a junior.  

“It’s been a humbling experience,” Hill says. “I didn’t expect to be in the top DBs in the state. So it’s been great hearing that I’m one of the top in my class.

“I know over these next two years, I can get myself a lot better, a lot stronger, faster; just the amount of time I have has been an advantage for me. I have to take advantage of that and keep working day in and day out,” Hill says.

Hill, who stands 6-1 and weighs 190 pounds, has been playing the gridiron since fourth grade. Football being a team sport is what he likes most about the game.

“It is not really about myself,” he says. “It is about contributing to the team and trying to get a win, just competing with other players around you, trying to get better and just compete at a high level with my teammates. That’s what I enjoy about football.”
Hill has started since his freshman year. This will be his third year to start. That means he has a chance to become a four-year starter by next year.

“I didn’t expect that coming in my freshman year,” he says. “I didn’t know what I was going to play. The old football coach (Marvin Dantzler) from two years ago, he saw me as being a safety and I didn’t even know I was going to be playing that position. I really didn’t expect becoming a safety like I am today.”

Dantzler left BTW for a position with a school in Louisiana. That led to the arrival of Brad Calip coming in from Jenks to take over the reins as coach. The adjustment was of no problem for Hill and the other Hornets.

“It wasn’t too major,” Hill says. “The last coach we had was a really good coach, but Coach Calip has always been a good coach at Jenks and other places he has been. So, just him coming in has really been great. We all have to deal with the new coach. Sometimes coaches can’t stay. That’s just something we have to get used to.

In addition to serving as a defensive back, Hill also plays on offense as a wide receiver.
“College coaches love to see that you can play both positions, not just one, so you’re being versatile,” he says. “A lot of college coaches enjoy seeing that. So that’s a good thing.”

But for the most part, Hill is being looked at as a defensive back.

If his last name sounds familiar, it’s because his brother, Justice Hill, also played at BTW a few years ago. The older Hill is now making himself known at Oklahoma State.
Could Dax Hill join his brother in Stillwater in 2019? It’s possible. The Cowboys are among four schools he is leaning toward. Others include Oklahoma, Michigan and Ohio State.

“The recruiting has been real good,” Hill says. “I don’t know where I really want to go right now. I’m jusst taking visits, and there are more visits coming up. Recruiting hasn’t been too hectic. I’m just weighing my options.”

One thing for certain, Dax gets plenty of advice from Justice.

“He has been telling me to keep working. Just keep doing what you’re doing,” he says.
“I thank the people that have been in my life – my dad, my brother, a lot of coaches that I’ve been through, and God, most importantly, to give me the strength to play this sport in, just how people have been encouraging me, continue to do the things I need to keep doing to play football,” Hill says. “Nutrition wise, my dad has always been harping on having a good diet while I’m playing football. So that plays a big part for me playing football.”

Hill is confident the Hornets can get a gold ball this season on Class 6AII. They know they will have to knock off Bixby, who has won it three straight seasons.

“I think just executing on offense and defense will be essential,” Hill says. “I don’t think we were at our best in conditioning and endurance (referring to a 28-0 loss to the Spartans last year). I think this year, conditioning will be a big part of it and executing on both sides of the ball. Bixby is always the team to beat. You have to be good at everything when it comes to teams like them.”

Updated 07-25-2017

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