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Union Board of Education Excited for New Year, Focuses on 100 Percent Graduation

Contributing Writer

EDUCATION ADVOCATES: The Union board of education is comprised of, from left, front row, Member Lisa Ford, Board President Stacey Roemerman and Member Heather McAdams. Back row from left are Vice President Jeff Bennett, Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler and Clerk Ken Kinnear.

Photo Courtesy Union Pubic Schools

The Board of Education at Union Public Schools is comprised of dedicated public servants who seek to govern the school district under the policies and laws of the state of Oklahoma. Operating within state and federal laws, while upholding the unique needs of the Union community.

To kick off the school year, Board President Stacey Roemerman and Superintendent Kirt Hartzler visited every school site to show support and involvement.

“We try to stop in at every classroom. This year, there was a great vibe all over the district; it felt like we had just left off on a Friday and were returning to business as usual on a Monday,” said Roemerman. “Last year was a tough school year and I think everyone is excited to have a fresh start.”

Though the previous school year had its share of troubles, Roemerman said she and the rest of the school board are excited about the new programs and focuses for this year.

“This will be the year of reading. The past few years have seen an extraordinary explosion of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) offerings at Union and we will continue to be leaders in those areas,” said Roemerman. “Just like STEM studies, reading also informs other areas of learning and we will refocus our efforts to make sure all students are progressing through their reading levels.”

Roemerman has three children attending Union public schools. She also serves as the PTA president at Jefferson Elementary and has lived in the district since 2006.

Roemerman is joined on the board by Vice President Jeff Bennett. Bennett currently works for Continental Airlines and has one son who graduated from Union. Elected in 2006, he is a long-time resident of the Grove Elementary area.

Board member Lisa Ford works as the Crime Prevention Specialist and Community Liaison for the Broken Arrow Police Department. She is also the current president of the Broken Arrow Rotary Club. Both of Ford’s children graduated from Union and she has served as a member and in a position of leadership in Union PTAs for over 20 years.

Board member Heather McAdams has lived in the district since 1999 and is a past president of the Clark PTA. She has two sons who attend Union schools.

Board Clerk Ken Kinnear was elected in 2015 and has served over 10 years as a member of the Long-Range Planning Committee. He currently works as the treasurer for Kaiser Francis Oil Co. and his three sons attended Union schools.

“The district motto for this year is ‘worth it all.’ Last year was full of hard fought battles for funding, self examination and heartbreaking tragedy. As a district, we just want to coalesce behind the idea that our kids and our goals are worthy. Education is hard work in the best of circumstances, but it is worth it,” said Roemerman.

Registered voters elect board members for five-year terms from their respective districts. Elected members receive no pay for performing their duties.

“The very best benefit of being on a school board is watching what amazing things our kids will accomplish. I get to see great big things like state championships and national merits and award winning plays, but I also get to see a four year old learn to jump rope and a third grader bolting to the library because they have leveled up in reading and can check out a new book,” said Roemerman. “I look forward to the daily accomplishments that lead up to a red robe and turned tassel. This year, I look forward to a graduation rate that will be closer than ever to our ultimate goal of 100 percent.”

Updated 10-16-2018

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