14 Year Old Youth presents house keys to new Tulsa Habitat homeowner

TULSA, OK (June 4, 2010) – Recently, on March 27th, TeJaJuana Goff and  Ryan Coretz worked together to raise the wall on TeJaJuana’s new home.  Ryan, a 14 year old Tulsa boy, has seen a need for better housing in Tulsa and decided to do something about it!  Ryan, the son of Rob and Kim Coretz, asked friends and family to donate money to Tulsa Habitat for Humanity in lieu of giving him presents for his Bar Mitzvah.  This is the beginning of a dream fulfilled for TeJaJuana Goff and her children, a Habitat Partner Family in our community. 

Tulsa Habitat for Humanity received about $9,000 in honor of Ryan .  Knowing this was quite a bit of money but not nearly enough to build the house –Ryan set out to raise the money!  What did he do?  He asked!   Ryan received funds from the Bezalel Foundation, the Hille Foundation, the William K. Warren Foundation and others.  At the same time Coretz was working to raise money, Ms. Goff was working towards completing the Homeowners Education Program and now the home is complete and she will be receiving her keys!

“It is exciting to see young people such as Ryan who are making a difference in our community,” said Paul Kent, Tulsa Habitat Executive Director.  “Ryan leveraged his relationships for the benefit of someone else—a pretty amazing and self-less thing for a 14-year old!”

TeJaJuana Goff has completed her 500-hour Homeowners Program.  The program has included building various home components that will go into Habitat homes, completion of a 60-hour money management classes along with various workshops and the final 50 hours were spent building her home alongside the Ryan and the volunteers who came out to build it.  Ms. Goff will repay a zero-interest mortgage of which the principal will be used by Tulsa Habitat to support building future Tulsa Habitat homes.

About Tulsa Habitat for Humanity

Tulsa Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit Christian housing service dedicated to building decent, affordable housing in partnership with those in need in the Tulsa area.  Since 1988, Tulsa Habitat for Humanity has worked with 230 families to build homes that they will buy. For more information, visit www.habitat-tulsa.org

Updated 06-07-2010

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