2010 Mayfest Award Winners Announced

Tulsa, OK., June 2, 2010 – Mayfest is pleased to announce the 2010 award winners of the juried Visual Arts, Invitational Gallery, Green Gallery and Youth Art Gallery.

For the Visual Arts competition, awards consist of a Best of Show as well as awards for the best in each medium.

Best of Show: Phil Mundt, Medium: Clay, Yellville, AR

Best of Metal: Guilloume Guilloume, Sandia Park, NM

Best of Glass: Steve Brewster, Poteau, OK

Best of Painting: Jean Monfort, Los Angeles, CA

Best of Mix Media: Steve Meadows, Palestine, IL

Best of Wood: Dale Robbins, Flemington, MO

Best of Jewelry: Bond Blackman, Kansas City, MO

Best of Leather/Fiber: Elizabeth Jenkins, Taos, NM

Best of Clay: Michael Barnes, Big Rock, IL

Best of Photography: John Kennington, Bixby, OK

Best of Drawing/Pastel: Randall Spangler, Kansas City, MO

Best of Graphics/Printmaking: Darlene Hardie, Cascade, CO

Awards consist of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place for the Invitational Gallery.
1st Place: C. Elizabeth Smathers – “Delta”

2nd Place: Steve Tomlin – “Winter Persimmons #3”

3rd Place: Marjorie Atwood – “Tiny Bones”

Awards consist of a Best of Show and Best Use of Materials for our “Green” Gallery, which featured artwork created out of reused, recycled and repurposed materials.

Best of Show: Grace Grothaus

Best Use of Materials: Geoffrey Hicks

Awards for the Youth Art Gallery consist of the PSO Mark of Excellence Award, Mayor’s Choice Award, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and honorable mention in Upper High School, Lower High School, Middle School, Intermediate and Primary divisions. 

PSO Mark of Excellence: Jessica Vick, 12th Grade, East Central

Mayor’s Choice Award: Anna Muselman, 12th Grade, Booker T. Washington

Upper High School (Grades 11-12):

1st Place: Harrison Gibbons, 12th Grade, Metro Christian Academy

2nd Place: Eliot Cooper, 11th Grade, Skiatook

3rd Place: Quynh Bui, 12th Grade, Victory Christian

Honorable Mention:

Jarrod Foster, 11th Grade, East Central

Darveiye Flemming, 11th Grade, East Central

David Cantu, 12th Grade, East Central

Cliff Crowell, 11th Grade, East Central

Michael Guardera, 12th Grade, East Central

Chelsea Self, 12th Grade, East Central

Nga Vo, 12th Grade, East Central

Christina Coulstin, 12th Grade, East Central

Astrid Rodriguez, 12th Grade, East Central

Rachel Turner, 11th Grade, Skiatook

Marquis Smith, 11th Grade, Central

Alex Ferrante, 12th Grade, Skiatook

Olivia Brown, 11th Grade, Booker T. Washington

Taylor Webb, 12th Grade, Booker T. Washington

David Annett, 11th Grade, Metro Christian Academy

Lauren Ferrell, 12th Grade, Cascia Hall

Kathy Kaneta, 12th Grade, Victory Christian School

Jordan Egstad, 12th Grade, Victory Christian School

Margaret Westervelt, 11th Grade, Cascia Hall

Addie Tipton, 12th Grade, Metro Christian Academy

Joseph Barnes, 11th Grade, Cascia Hall

Amber Dibiccari, 11th Grade, Victory Christian School

Jaclyn Rusner, 11th Grade, Holland Hall

Jong won Lim, 12th Grade, Union

Jennifer Randolph, 11th Grade, Victory Christian School

Candice Field, 11th Grade, Rejoice High School

Spencer King, 12th Grade, Metro Christian Academy

Randi Nees, 12th Grade, Victory Christian School

Melissa Schurer, 11th Grade, Union

Rachel Haynes, 11th Grade, Union

Paul Blackwell, 11th Grade, Union

Katelyn Snider, 12th Grade, Metro Christian

Christina Crowder, 11th Grade, Metro Christian

Kassi Nance, 12th Grade, Victory Christian

Jackie Johnson, 12th Grade, Skiatook

Lauren Brunn, 12th Grade, Victory Christian

Sarah Wheaton, 11th Grade, Central

Christiana Coulston, 12th Grade, East Central

Previona Dixon, 12th Grade, East Central

Josh Dreyer, 12th Grade, East Central

Ernesto Del Rio, 12th Grade, Central

Amanda Wilson, 12th Grade, East Central

Nickie Stevens, 12th Grade, East Central

Julie Melissa Rooks, 11th Grade, Central

Lower High School (Grades 9-10):

1st Place: Jake Jones, 10th Grade, Skiatook

2nd Place: Uriel Gonzales, 10th Grade, East Central

3rd Place: Saffra Parks, 9th Grade, Home School

Honorable Mention:

Lauren Miller, 10th Grade, East Central

Shana Martinez, 9th Grade, East Central

Jessie Cooper, 9th Grade, Home School

Iab Vang, 10th Grade, East Central

Lizanne Brown, 10th Grade, Metro Christian Academy

Caitlin Goody, 10th Grade, Skiatook

Billy Medicine Crow, 10th Grade, Victory Christian

Hyogyu Park, 10th Grade, Central

Maya Govan, 10th Grade, Central

Darwin Howard, 10th Grade, Central

Chloe Kwak, 9th Grade, Holland Hall

Sarah West, 9th Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

Haley Morrow, 10th Grade, Edison

Molly Dougherty, 9th Grade, Owasso

Chanquise Cambell, 10th Grade, Central

George Robertson, 10th Grade, Skiatook

India Pointer, 10th Grade, Central

Kayla Londrum, 9th Grade, Skiatook

Monica Berhal, 10th Grade, East Central

Eddie Billard, 10th Grade, Central

Kenny Duke, 9th Grade, Home School

Christina Rotert, 10th Grade, East Central

Jose Castenada, 9th Grade, Central

Middle School (Grades 6-8):

1st Place: Brassfield 6th Grade Art Classes, Bixby

2nd Place: Rachel Wolf, 6th Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

3rd Place: Liahona Parks, 6th Grade, Home School

Honorable Mention:

Elizabeth Howley, 6th Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

Yovany Avendano Gomez, 8th Grade, Lewis & Clark

Jordan Levan, 8th Grade, Edison

Michelle Taylor, 7th Grade, Whitney

Blake Countryman, 8th Grade, Childers

Rachel Mundt, 8th Grade, Whitney

Austin Harris, 8th Grade, Childers

Ashley Brown, 7th Grade, Childers

Cassidy Middleton, 7th Grade, All Saints

Intermediate (Grades 3-5):

1st Place: Mary Kate Baker, 5th Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

2nd Place: Julie E. Orellana, 3rd Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

3rd Place: Emma Palmer, 5th Grade, Home School

Honorable Mention:

Annie Faust, 5th Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

Makenzie DeWitt, 5th Grade, Lake Country

Nathan Tavaglione, 3rd Grade, Lake Country

Enrique Rosales, 4th Grade, Disney

Sadie Bods, 3rd Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

Allison Bruns, 5th Grade, Eisenhower

Jace Gustin, 3rd Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

Elias Lavanhar, 3rd Grade, Riverfield

John Rocha, 3rd Grade, Zarrow

Giselle Andino, 4th Grade, Disney

Daniel Vance, 5th Grade, All Saints

Maggie Sturm, 5th Grade, All Saints

Tizzy Parks, 4th Grade, Waite Phillips

Yosira Yanez, 5th Grade, Disney

Celina Baptiste, 4th Grade, Disney

Oscar Miles, 4th Grade, Town and Country

Tahlia Munoz, 5th Grade, Eisenhower

Primary (Grades K-2):

1st Place: Quinnlan Murray, 2nd Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

2nd Place: Jenin Mansour, 2nd Grade, Disney

3rd Place: Alan Schlueter, 1st Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

Honorable Mention:

Justin Wooldridge, 1st Grade, Home School

Emma Wunsch, 1st Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

Dinalee Dagum, 2nd Grade, Owen

Shelton Keeler, 1st Grade, Lake Country Christian School

John Christopher Flippo, 1st Grade, Heidi Contreras School of Art

Elliott Andrew, 1st Grade, Holland Hall

Lai Lor, Kindergarten, Disney

Gannon Murry, Heidi Contreras School of Art

Lydia Whitted, 2nd Grade, Metro Christian Academy

Jewel Dorsey, 3rd Grade, Lake Country Christian School

Elizabet Lutrell, 3rd Grade, Lake Country Christian School

Elijah Parks, 2nd Grade, Waite Phillips

Tulsa International Mayfest is a family friendly outdoor tribute to the arts and music created to promote a broader knowledge of and appreciation for arts and humanities among serious, as well as casual art lovers.  More than 300,000 people attended this year’s event on May 13 – 16, 2010.  For more information, visit www.tulsamayfest.org.

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