30 Days/30 Ways Campaign by DASANI Challenges Consumers to Recycle and Raise Funds for State Parks during Earth Month 2010

Atlanta, Ga. — Find ways to reduce your environmental impact and raise your environmental I.Q. this Earth Month by supporting DASANI 30 Days/30 Ways Challenge PlantBottle packaging are easy ways to help raise much-needed funds for state parks systems in five western U.S. states.

The program’s Web site, http://dasani.com/30ways/, contains 30 simple tips for each day of Earth Month, such as buying eco-friendly batteries, planning environmentally smart vacations and safely recycling computers and cell phones. Consumers can activate a donation to select western state parks by logging on tohttp://dasani.com/30ways/ and sharing eco-tips or recycling trivia through Facebook, Twitter or email through the authorized tips and trivia sharing application onhttp://dasani.com/30ways/. DASANI will make a one dollar donation every time a visitor shares tips or recycling trivia, up to a maximum of $25,000.

“The DASANI team is enthusiastic to help keep state parks green by encouraging consumers to make small lifestyle changes that positively impact us all,” said Abigail Green, DASANI brand manager. “We hope the 30Days/30Ways Challenge provokes active participation in recycling. For example, knowing that recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to power a computer for three hours is concrete imagery that we feel can increase advocacy.”

Earlier this year The Coca-Cola Company introduced PlantBottle packaging with the DASANI brand. PlantBottle plastic bottles are made of up to 30 percent plant-based materials , which reduces dependence on a non-renewable resource – petroleum. PlantBottle is 100 percent recyclable, and preliminary research indicates that from the growing of the plant materials through the production of the resin, the carbon footprint for the PlantBottle packaging is smaller than for bottles made with traditional PET. The Coca-Cola company is the first-to market with a recyclable PET plastic bottle made partially from plants.

Updated 04-07-2010

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