36 Degrees North Releases Inaugural Economic Impact Report on Region

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UTILIZING RESOURCES: 36 Degrees North is a vibrant and inclusive community of over 500 entrepreneurs representing over 40 different industries. Members are equipped with the resources, connections and training they need to help their businesses succeed.

36 Degrees North (36°N) has released its inaugural Economic Impact Report, showcasing the effect of the organization and its programs on the Tulsa regional economy. The report reveals that over the last three years, 36°N has had a combined economic impact of $238.7 million on the Tulsa region.  
“With every $1 invested in 36°N generating $90 of direct economic impact, this report confirms that our programs – and the entrepreneurs we serve – are a significant piece of the economic development strategy for the Tulsa region” says Devon Laney, CEO of 36 Degrees North.  
36 Degrees North is Tulsa’s basecamp for entrepreneurs, offering the high-quality workspace, helpful resources and diverse community needed to build growing companies and drive economic impact. In 2019 alone, 36°N served 285 member companies that created or retained 1,066 jobs and generated sales of $66.5 million.  Additionally, the companies at 36°N secured over $13 million in external funding, with the majority (77%) coming from venture capital investment.  
“In making FC Tulsa a club that stands #ForTulsa, we knew we needed a home base to operate our business as a start up,” says President of FC Tulsa, James Cameron. “36 Degrees North has been a fantastic partner and resource for our club in the last year. We are excited that it continues to show its commitment to Tulsa through its partnerships in the business community.”
As the hub of the Tulsa region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, 36 Degrees North works to connect the opportunity and accessibility of entrepreneurship with everyone in the community.  In 2019, it hosted over 13,000 visitors and 418 training and connecting events. With 500 members representing over 40 different industries, 36°N reflects the diversity of the Tulsa region and lives up to its mission. 
“36 Degrees North is an important piece of our region’s long-term economic development strategy,” says Kathy Taylor, director of Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation. “The programs and resources provided to entrepreneurs are essential to building the next generation of successful businesses in Tulsa. As one of the founding partners of 36 Degrees North, we are proud to support and empower our community’s entrepreneurs.”
36 Degrees North is supported by a coalition of public and private partners.  The organization’s Summit Partners include the George Kaiser Family Foundation, the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation, the Tulsa Regional Chamber, Tulsa Tech and the OSU Riata Center for Entrepreneurship. 36°N provides expertise, resources and programming to member entrepreneurs through the generosity of many other partners in the Tulsa area.
To view the full Economic Impact Report, visit the 36°N website at 36degreesnorth.com.
About 36 Degrees North:
36 Degrees North (36°N) is Tulsa’s basecamp for entrepreneurs, providing the high-quality workspace, helpful resources and diverse community needed to build growing companies that drive economic impact. With a combined 20,000 square feet of office, collaboration, and event space in the heart of the Tulsa Arts District, 36°N is the central gathering point for Tulsa’s entrepreneurial community. The goal is to make it very easy for new and experienced startup founders, small business owners, remote workers and innovative community leaders to find the right people, best practices and capital resources they need to move forward in their startup journeys.