A Gathering Place For Tulsa Receives Another Major Gift

A Gathering Place for Tulsa and Cimarex Energy Co. announced Cimarex’s $5 million dollar contribution to endow programming for A Gathering Place for Tulsa. The gift is the first of its kind and will ensure that the park has engaging and high quality programming that will create an environment of learning, fun and exploration.

With Phase I consisting of more than 66.5 acres of family-friendly features and green spaces, the park’s programming will be of equal importance. Cimarex and A Gathering Place for Tulsa will develop a programming series that will honor Cimarex’s Tulsa employees and all of the people of Tulsa and afford all children and families the opportunity to play, learn and explore in the city’s largest park.

“The Tulsa community has been a major factor in our success, and we are excited for the opportunity to give back to a project that allows us to express our gratitude. We see A Gathering Place for Tulsa as a resource for our employees today and in the future,” says Tom Jorden, Cimarex president and . “It is our hope that our contribution will ensure world-class programming at the park and instill a sense of pride for our employees who call Tulsa home.”

Cimarex is an exploration and production company with operations across the Midwest including Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Cimarex has a total of just under 1,000 employees with over 400 of those living and working in Tulsa.

“We continue to be amazed at the broad-based support from Tulsa’s corporate community, and we are honored to have Cimarex join as our lead programming donor. The park will have beautiful aesthetics, but it is the programming that will be the life of the park.” says Jeff Stava, executive director and trustee of A Gathering Place for Tulsa. “The park is a great example of how an entire community’s generosity can forever impact its citizens. We cannot thank our donors enough in helping build a better future for Tulsa.”

The first phase of construction is well underway and is scheduled to last until late 2017.

About A Gathering Place for Tulsa
A project of George Kaiser Family Foundation, A Gathering Place for Tulsa will transform nearly 100 acres of Tulsa’s waterfront along the Arkansas River into a dynamic and active space when the project is completed by late 2017. 66.5 acres will be completed within Phase I. and numerous corporate and community philanthropists gave ownership of the $350 million park to River Parks Authority who in turn signed a long-term operational and management lease back to an entity of the foundation to ensure the highest quality operation, maintenance and programming for the life of the park.

The park will be a central place for Tulsans to gather and enjoy for years to come. The park will blend nature and urban environment and will include features such as a lodge, boathouse, nature walks, two land bridges connecting the two sides of river parks, sporting areas and a pond. A Gathering Place for Tulsa is funded by a mix of corporate and philanthropic Tulsa organizations.

A Gathering Place for Tulsa is doing business as Tulsa’s Gathering Place, . To learn more about the project, visit www.agatheringplacefortulsa.com.

Updated 10-26-2015

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