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Photo by Vanessa Aziere, Tulsa Tech
TEACHER OF THE YEAR: Tulsa Tech Superintendent and CEO Dr. Steve Tiger congratulates 2018-19 Teacher of the Year SueAnn Cardwell at the district-wide back-to-school celebration in August.

As we travel to visit other locations throughout the great state of Oklahoma, we reaffirm that Tulsa Tech is a great place to work. We shout it at our back-to-school events, during our first day back from summer break, at our all-staff meetings, even at the grocery or hardware store when people find out where we work.
Our mission as a district is to “educate people for success in the workplace” and each year we get to tell those special stories about students and clients who overcome so much in their lives to make their own path in this world. Without all of our dedicated and talented faculty and staff, they may not find passion in their work, making it much more challenging for us as an organization to meet our lofty goals.
“I love working at Tulsa Tech because I think that it’s awesome to teach students in a specific industry that they are interested in,” said District-wide Teacher of the Year and Early Childhood Education Instructor SueAnn Cardwell. “We get to challenge our students to be the best that they can be in the workplace. It’s just a great place.”
Employees make up our biggest asset, and our district has placed a focus on the development of our people. Faculty and staff are driven by a passion to see students succeed and continue their career pathways toward working in industry, moving on to higher educational goals or maybe joining the military. That passion often leads to engagement, and an engaged employee is vital to the future of the district, but also is vital as we continue to lead and teach the students who are joining our workforce today.
In a nutshell, the term Employee Engagement is where employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. Employee engagement is not the same as employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction only indicates how happy or content your employees are. As many companies know, with an engaged staff you’re more likely to see:
• A lower risk of turnover, which helps reduce onboarding costs
• A boost in customer satisfaction through interactions with engaged employees
• An increase to your company’s overall success
Tulsa Tech each year approaches employee engagement as one of our core opportunities for improvement and we annually conduct a Best Places to Work survey to highlight areas of success.
If our employees are not engaged at work, it’s hard to imagine a positive outcome/experience for our clients, students and customers that come into our facilities. We hope that all of our employees understand that their role plays a direct impact on the success of our students and clients, and in turn, leads to the success of the organization.
The changing landscape of our workforce is also playing a major role in employer needs within our region. Millennial is no longer just a term to encapsulate “young people.” Born around 1980, they are now the largest living adult generation, and many are already within your workforce and parents of students at Tulsa Tech. They are on track to make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2030 and will continue to influence work environments and culture for years to come. Research suggests that Millennials are driven by open communication, a great work culture, involvement with causes, and bring an enthusiasm to learn. Providing opportunities for career growth, impact in our community, and a strong culture within our organization (we think) makes us a great place to work.
“I really enjoy working at Tulsa Tech because I can utilize my strengths toward helping our faculty and staff,” Roger Banos-Rangel, a systems analyst in the IT department said. “And it feels good knowing that my work helps students on a daily basis.”
If you’re looking for a great place to grow your career and make an impact, check out Tulsa Tech’s employment opportunities online, visit one of our six campus locations, search tulsatech.edu or call 918-828-5000 to find out more.

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