A Recharged Energy Sector Important for the Nation

In order to recharge America, to get America back on its feet, the stronger the oil and gas industry recharges, the quicker America recharges! When America becomes economically viable, the leader in that effort will be the energy industry: planes back in the air, cars back on the road, school buses taking children to school… 
My appreciation for the energy industry has dramatically increased throughout the past several weeks. Though I’ve been in this industry for more than 40 years, my reflection on the importance of the energy industry has strengthened. All the necessary electricity needed for hospital rooms and all forms of medical care, transportation for medical equipment, food, and cargo, as well as the many other American necessities, have been provided by the energy industry.
The oil and gas industry, a strong part of the energy industry, has been very essential. The industry provides power generation and transportation for all of us. According to the US Energy Information Administration, “In 2018, total U.S. primary energy consumption per person (or per capita consumption) was about 309 million British thermal units (Btu). In 2017, U.S. per capita energy consumption was about 300 million Btu.” From turning on the light switch first thing in the morning to turning off the light switch in the evening, the energy industry has provided a vital source of energy for millions of Americans in their daily lives. Petroleum based products which I use daily include my plastic toothbrush and razor, clothing, electrical devices including my iPhone and laptop, food packaging, vehicle components, and the list goes on.  
The industry will provide the necessary energy for a stronger America. In 1985, I testified before the U.S. Senate Natural Resources Committee about the importance of a strong energy industry, in particular, the oil and gas industry. I believe that the testimony I provided at that time, applies to today. The energy industry then and today is our economic driver. 
Recently on CNBC, Ed Morse of Citi Global was a featured guest. Sept. 30 to Oct. 3 of 1999, I served on a 20-member task force/round table, held in San Antonio, with Morse. America was facing many of the same issues that we are facing today in the energy industry. The subject was: Managing in 2000-Where Do We Go From Here. The most important issue facing us today, as then, is having the balance of supply and demand.
In 2008, I co-wrote a book entitled The Braking Point. “Braking” was intentionally spelled that way, meaning “stopping point.” The subheading was America’s Energy Dreams and Global Economic Realities. America’s energy dream was that we could become an energy economic stronghold. The reality was that OPEC would continue to vie for energy dominance in the global arena. 
Though we are faced with tremendous challenges in the oil and gas industry today, America needs America’s energy now, more than ever! Each day Americans should reflect on how daily we are recharging our energy needs. America will soon be recharging America’s economy!  America needs America’s energy!
Mark A. Stansberry is Chairman of the GTD Group, an award-winning author and Energy Advocate. Comments and questions are welcomed. Visit Facebook: National Energy Talk/ America Needs America’s Energy