A Salute to America’s Energy Workforce

As we begin 2021, I believe it is fitting that we salute America’s energy workforce. It amazes me that every time I need to have lights turned on in my home, air conditioning or heating running, gasoline in my tank for travels, check emails on my i-phone and many other daily uses and needs, there are men and women working around the clock so that I can have access to these things. Using petroleum-based products, such as medicines, toothbrushes, toothpaste, clothes, hair brushes, eyeglasses and all the hundreds and thousands of petroleum based products, every person in the United States is touched by America’s energy. 
In my book, America Needs America’s Energy, I include an energy prayer that reflects on the energy workforce. “A decade ago, Nancy Huff of Broken Arrow, met then-Secretary of State Colin Powell at the National Prayer Breakfast. During their meeting, Secretary Powell asked Nancy to pray for Oklahoma to produce more oil because he believed our country needed that oil. When Nancy returned to Oklahoma from Washington, D.C., she became active in The Energy Advocates and wrote a special book of prayers for the oil and gas industry. She prayed with a group every Thursday night for Oklahoma, the U.S., and the industry. I share with you one of those energy prayers: “Father, I come to you and I ask protection for every drilling site, pipeline, refinery, production site, oil truck, tanker, or any other means of obtaining and transporting oil in the United States. Protect all those who work in the industry, and give them safety and wisdom about every potentially dangerous situation. I ask, as the oil and gas industry in this country grows, that the environment would be protected. I ask for the development of new technology that will enable those in the energy industry to drill efficiently while protecting the environment. Thank you for your hand of safety on the industry and the land that has helped to make the country great. Amen.”
According to a recent report, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) employs more than 4,600 Veterans. In 2020, one in every three new DOE hires has been a veteran, and DOE consistently receives “exemplary” ratings from the Interagency Council on Veterans Employment. 
What will the workforce look like post COVID-19? A workforce will be needed to build, adapt, provide technology and innovation in the energy sector, involving power generation, transportation, and other uses. The oil and gas industry will continue to lead the way in providing jobs and opportunities.
All forms of energy, which include solar and wind, will all play a pivotal role. The energy revolution is moving forward. The energy workforce is needed more than ever as we strive for energy efficiency and environmental preservation. Together we can create a strong energy future for America. Thank you to each worker in the American energy industry!
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Mark A. Stansberry is Chairman of the GTD Group, an award -winning author and energy advocate.