A Call for Cherokee History

The culture and tourism department at Cherokee Nation Enterprises, a wholly-owned company of the Cherokee Nation, is asking all Cherokee citizens for help in providing a deeper look into Cherokee past and culture through personal stories and photos.

The culture and tourism department is hoping to acquire information that will become part of a developing tourism program aimed at increasing tourism in the Cherokee Nation.

“Basically, we are looking for stories that illustrate the life of the Cherokee people,” says Talisha Nichols, culture and tourism manager for CNE. “These stories and photographs could possibly be used in our tourism program when it begins. Stories, whether of specific events, memories, people or places, create our culture and history. It is important to relate these personal experiences into our tourism program so that our story will be known.”

The mission of the culture and tourism program is to promote the Cherokee people’s cultural identity, thereby nurturing respect for, knowledge of, and economic stability for the Cherokee Nation.

For the program, developers are looking for stories from Cherokee families about Cherokee people and the Cherokee Nation previous to 1975. Requested are stories about family members, Civil War battles, historical buildings, trade, daily life, traditional foods, art, architecture, spiritualism, community, dance and government. Stories should be no more than 500 words unless it is absolutely necessary for the integrity of the story. Also needed are historical photos showing people, buildings, building interiors, families, daily life and “anything that shows how our ancestors lived.”

By submitting a story or photograph, you agree to give Cherokee Nation Enterprises, LLC (CNE) the right to post your image and story, which may not be credited. Photographs sent with submissions will only be returned if submissions are accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope or if you have made prior arrangements with Cady Shaw. CNE shall have the right to use portions of or entire submissions, which may be in the form of photographs or stories. These submissions may be used by CNE in public presentations, print and/or web publications.

Photograph and story selection is at the sole discretion of CNE and content may be edited for length prior to posting. E-mail addresses or telephone numbers provided by submitters will be used solely to contact them regarding the tourism program and will not be used for any other marketing purpose.

The deadline for all submissions is May 1, 2008. Entries should be submitted by mail, e-mail or fax and should include the sender’s contact information including a phone number.

For mailed submissions, address to Cady Shaw, c/o Cherokee Nation Enterprises, 777 West Cherokee Street, Catoosa, OK, 74015; for e-mail submissions, send to cady.shaw@cnent.com; and for faxed submissions, send to (918) 439-4364.

For more information regarding the tourism program or submissions, contact Cady Shaw at (918) 382-5810 or cady.shaw@cnent.com.

Updated 04-22-2008

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