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A shawl gives a winter formal a new and festive look.

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When you think about dressing for the holidays, hopefully you’re thinking about more than what you will be eating with your turkey. I’m talking about rockin’, rollin’ and sportin’ the threads, or for those of you not up on trendy verbiage, dressing up. If you always seem to need an excuse to do so, the holidays will always provide one. There’s your office party and the boyfriend’s. Aunt Gertrude’s eggnog happy hour, Christmas Eve at Mom’s, Christmas Day at Dad’s and numerous other holiday hoedowns. So, now what? You throw on the standard little black dress or the same red sweater and black pants you do every year. No. Wait! Rewind. Tip Number One: Change is good. Try something different. It doesn’t take much or have to be expensive. It can be as simple as putting something new together or trying a new hairstyle. A mini-makeover can be just what you need to put a little glitter in your old glow this holiday season. The thing about fashion is that it is constantly moving forward and changing. Like they say, the only thing constant is change. So why not hop on the fashion train before it hits the next stop?

So now that you’ve decided to take the plunge, let’s talk about some of the new trends and how to incorporate them into your current style. There is a one-word answer to this riddle that could also be the easiest and least expensive way to get started. Accessories! Accessories are the most important part of dressing. They can make an ensemble as well as being a tool to show off your own personal style. Wearer beware, there is a fine line between over and under accessorizing. Although it can be a matter of taste, there are a few simple rules. The rules can change according to changing trends. What is never changing is taste, when in doubt go classic. If you wear Chandler earrings hold on the big necklace. Keep it simple. Three of the most popular ways to accessorize this season are with scarves, broaches and wraps. If you have a little time on your hands, a knitting needle, some yarn and a minimal amount of creativity, you can make your own one-of-a-kind scarf. A great way to add sparkle to a sweater, jacket or coat is to raid your Grandmother’s jewelry drawer for antique broaches. Add a broach to your wrap for instant shine. You can also save money by checking vintage stores; they are a great resource for broaches, beaded sweaters and wraps.

If you can’t decide what to adorn yourself with this Holiday season don’t hesitate to call on a professional. Just as you would hire a mechanic to fix your car, or a stylist to do your hair, there are fashion professionals to help define your personal style. Tis‚ the Season to sparkle, glitter and glow and the Holidays can be just the excuse you need to make some changes. Remember change is good!

Updated 12-30-2004

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