Achieving Regional Prosperity Through Progress at the Polls

President and CEO, Tulsa Metro Chamber

Regional prosperity is a term we use often at the Tulsa Regional Chamber. Almost like the latest buzzword, this all-encompassing term pops up often in our daily discussions. It reflects our underlying mission to move the Tulsa metro forward. We want to see our community succeed, grow and be the best it can be.

To that end, we pursue a number of initiatives, programs and strategies to achieve this overall mission. From education and workforce to business retention and expansion, there are a number of ways that we work to progress the region. One of those programs is focused on government affairs, and being a part of the legislative decisions made at the local, state and federal level that will ultimately impact our community.

We pursue legislative advocacy as a strategy because we want to see pro legislation that helps build business, increase our quality of life and allow us to reach our ultimate goal: regional prosperity.

This November, Tulsans will have an opportunity to invest in themselves. Improve Our Tulsa is a needs-based capital improvements package set for the Nov. 12 ballot. Improve Our Tulsa will provide the basic necessities to our police, firemen and local government so that we, as Tulsans, can have the infrastructure required to continue our forward momentum.

The chamber board voted to support this package because of that community-centric mission of regional prosperity. The metro area has celebrated so many successes in the last five to 10 years and to continue that growth, to continue competing with our peers and to continue our pursuit of being the best we can be, we must make that yes decision to invest in ourselves.

Voting yes to propositions two and three on the November ballot would mean a huge win for the region, but exercising your right to vote is an even bigger win for each and every Tulsan. Casting a vote has a huge impact on your own outlook and perspective on the world around you, and being a part of the decision-making process gives you more confidence in your surrounding environment.

Follow Improve Our Tulsa on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and updates regarding Tulsa’s capital improvements package.

Make time to get to your polling station on Nov. 12, and vote yes to propositions two and three for regional prosperity.

Updated 10-28-2013

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