Acupuncture Offers Natural Way to Feeling Healthy

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Consumers often see ads promoting pharmaceuticals and the list of side effects can be anywhere from minor to life threatening. The media reports how the opioid crisis is being addressed, and how new state laws are placing safeguards to help curb the potential for opioid abuse. To avoid these possible dangers, more and more people are looking for natural ways to feel healthier.
Our bodies have the extraordinary ability to heal themselves. Through the natural healing arts that have been practiced for thousands of years, people are discovering this natural alternative to modern medicines and medical procedures that is virtually free of side effects and is a relatively inexpensive form of treatment.
Acupuncture/Oriental medicine (AOM) is an ancient and empirical system of medicine based on the concept of qi (pronounced “chee”), which is usually translated as energy. AOM treatments identify a pattern of energetic imbalance within a patient and redress that disharmony through a variety of therapies that may include acupuncture needling, handwork, acupressure, exercises such as taiji and qi gong and Chinese herbal preparations.
According to Michael Brestel, licensed practitioner and certified acupuncturist at Natural Health & Acupuncture, “Acupuncture can help in healing pain such as headaches, chronic pain, joint pain, and back pain, even emotional imbalances and addiction. There are no narcotics involved and everything is completely natural.”
Herbs were commonly used before western pharmaceuticals were introduced. Treating and preventing medical conditions with herbs is naturally safe, as an overdose would cause irritation or nausea instead of a trip to the emergency room. Natural Health & Acupuncture offers a variety of Chinese herbal medicine and herbology formulas for colds, flu, neuropathy, arthritis, allergies, weight loss, smoking cessation and more.
Natural Health & Acupuncture offers extensive in-depth specific treatments plus community-style treatments for acupuncture-only treatment on limbs and the head. First timer community treatments are provided free of charge. Additional services include diagnosis, sound therapy, moxibustion and reflexology.
The success of acupuncture today is due to its efficacy, remarkable safety record, cost-effectiveness and growing public demand.
Natural Health & Acupuncture is located on the second floor of the Sharp Clinic Building just east of 106th Street and Memorial Drive (7914 E. 106th St.) and is open Thursday through Sunday. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 918-321-0888 or online at

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