Air Assurance Continues Long-Time Success

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FAMILY TEAM: Air Assurance has proven to be a company that is based on core values. From left are David, Narissa and Mike Rampey.


A family owned company that has been making an impact in the Tulsa area for over 25 years, Air Assurance continues to grow in success. Mike and wife Narissa Rampey have enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside of their son David.

While working for another company, Mike and Narissa decided to begin a business of their own. “I had taught heating and air conditioning while working in the industry and thought it would be a great way to continue my skills,” says Mike. In 1985, Air Assurance was formed.

“We built an office in our home and I was the only person servicing air conditioners. Not long after opening, we hired another individual. The rest is history,” he adds.

The family soon opened an office located near 61st Street and 145th East Avenue in Broken Arrow. The company was there for 23 years and a little over two years ago moved to 1301 SW Expressway Drive. The new office provides much needed room for their rapid growth.

Today, Air Assurance boasts over 50 employees. “Our key to success is having good core values that all of our team members eat and breathe including true integrity, respect, unsurpassed excellence, safety and teamwork.”

In the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry, many companies leave out the ventilation component. ”When our company conditions the air, we want to create the best possible environment for a home or business. We work on the total environment, which includes heating and cooling, humidification or dehumidification, air purification, and of course efficiency.”

All of these factors contribute to the overall health and comfort of the business or homeowners.

Another way that Air Assurance improves an indoor environment is by offering products that reduce allergens. This is especially helpful to those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

The company has continued to grow ”as a result of making sure that customers are our number one focus and we constantly strive to exceed their expectations.”

David feels that everyone in the company shares this focus and that is what makes Air Assurance unique. “The team cares about our customers and one another. The office environment is very pleasant and everyone enjoys spending time together. We are ultimately always looking for individuals with matching core values to join our team.”

Air Assurance believes that it is important to give back to the community. Throughout the year, the company participates in a number of community based projects such as installing systems for families in need, collecting non-perishable items from customers to donate to local food banks in exchange for discounts, as well as adopting families around the holidays.

In addition to reaching out to others, the family agrees that they also enjoy getting to know customers. “It’s always very nice to form friendships with customers and see their families grow,” notes Narissa.

It is very important to have units winterized before extreme weather sets in the area. Mike explains, “This is mainly for the peace of mind of knowing that a home will be comfortable through the cold temperatures.”

David adds that, “Furnaces have many safeties that can fail during the year. By checking them regularly, we can prevent any issues that may occur when least expected.”

There are a variety of incentives for purchasing new systems for a business or home this year. “Federal tax credits of up to $1500 will be ending in December but with that has extended rebates for the first time in many years and manufacturers are extending large rebates as well. It is no doubt that there has never been a more affordable time to purchase new systems. It adds up to over $3000 off qualifying systems.”

Mike feels that the technology of heating and cooling will only improve in the next decade. “Higher efficiency is possible and will be increased to means that we can’t even imagine right now, but be assured that we will be right here ready for the exciting changes and ready to continue taking care of our customers the way we always have!”

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Updated 11-15-2010

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