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NEW IN BIXBY: Akin’s Natural Foods Market has opened it third location in greater Tulsa by moving to Bixby at 121st Street and Memorial Drive. Above, A-max signs is installing the vitamin sign on April 15.


Akin’s Natural Foods Market has brought together expertise and specialized natural products to the area since 1935.

Staff Nutritionist Mary Ann O’Dell has enjoyed helping customers and watching the growth of the company. “I think that individuals want to make healthier choices as they learn more about health in general. I also believe that they do not view their health as an option anymore but as a necessity.”

What began as a small health foods store has developed into a valuable resource for area residents. O’Dell says, “Bernice Akin, the original owner, had developed some health conditions and knew the importance of a healthy diet. She decided to open a little health foods store to not only accommodate what she needed but also what she knew that others needed.”

The original store was located in downtown Tulsa and was later moved to Utica Square. As the city moved farther south, Akin’s eventually moved to today’s Tulsa locations at 51st Street and Memorial Drive in the Fontana Shopping Center and to 3321 E. 31st St. near 31st Street and Harvard Avenue.

Akin’s Natural Foods Market has opened a new location in Bixby. As Tulsa’s growth has spilled south to Bixby, O’Dell explains that the company could not have made a better decision than to follow the trend. “Many customers had mentioned that they came to our two locations from surrounding areas. We have had so many requests over the last couple of years to open a store in the Bixby area and we just couldn’t have passed over the opportunity.”

Akin’s Natural Foods Market officially opened its doors April 1 at 121st Street and Memorial Drive and has already been welcomed by the Bixby community. “Given the welcome that we have had so far, I think that we chose the right spot. The store will have a beneficial impact on the community because it provides another option for the availability of products that promote health.”

There are a number of features that make Akin’s Natural Foods Market a unique shopping destination. “The selection of supplements and expertise that we offer sets us apart from similar stores in the area. We offer the largest selection of gluten-free foods, beverages and supplements in the state.”

Akin’s Natural Foods Market remains true to the original mission of bringing convenience to those in the area who must manage special diets. Two of the most common conditions that customers inquire about in the store are Celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Arrays of specialized items are available including gluten-free and low glycemic foods as well as whole grains to help meet the needs of customers. “We do our best to make it easy for customers to find what they need in one stop.”

For more information about Akin’s Natural Foods Market, visit www.akins.com.

Updated 05-11-2010

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