Allan Trimble’s Book ‘Golden Years’ Receives Popular Start After Launch

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INTRODUCTION: Tulsa Media veteran Don King, the radio play-by-play voice of Jenks football, introduces Courtney Trimble, the wife of Coach Trimble, at the book launch in late February at the Robert L. Sharp Center on the Jenks campus accompanied by former Jenks football players.

“Golden Years,” a book covering the life of former Jenks High School Head Football Coach Allan Trimble, is off to a popular start throughout greater Tulsa.
The book is published by Tulsa-based Yorkshire Publishing and was introduced at a launch in late February at the Robert L Sharp Center on the Jenks High School campus.
Trimble’s wife, Courtney, spoke at the book launch, along with Don King, who did the radio play-by-play for Jenks High School football, and Eric Fox, who was the former assistant coach and associate principal of Jenks High School. All three were involved in the creation process of the book from start to finish. 
According to reports, Coach Trimble started the book and his family finished it for him after his ALS illness progressed. It is full of pictures, stats and stories from Coach Trimble’s years at Jenks.
This book is a dream that started growing in Allan Trimble’s mind shortly after his retirement. “He wanted everyone to know how special his years were at Jenks,” said Allan’s Wife Courtney Trimble. It is a book full of pictures, stats and stories from Coach Trimble’s years at Jenks.
“We reassured him that the book was going to get finished and he just said, ‘It is going to be good,’” said Courtney Trimble.
“The whole book is just amazing because it is like you are there with him hearing what he was thinking about during games,” said daughter Tori Trimble. She continues, “At the end of the day, high school football is not about high school football, it is about relationships and taking it to the next level. That is what my dad would want people to take from this book,” said Tori.
The book is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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