Alternative Fuels Law Group

The law firm of Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden & Nelson, P.C. is the first in the state to form an alternative fuels law practice group. According to Richard Edmonson, of counsel for the firm, the rise in oil prices has started the region moving in the direction of broadening its energy base and this part of the country is well positioned to play a significant nationwide role in the development of new energy options.

The decision was made to form the group in anticipation of the need for legal counsel on a broad range of issues ranging from intellectual property and site acquisition for new companies to navigating new energy related tax codes and other legal matters stemming from the emerging alternative and renewable energy industry.

Before joining Hall Estill, Edmonson was general counsel for Syntroleum, a Tulsa based, publicly traded, energy company developing proprietary processes for converting natural gas, coal and biomass materials such as animal fats into clean burning liquid fuels for a wide variety of consumer and industrial uses.

“To address a myriad of legal issues we see down the road for renewable energy we’ve drawn attorneys from many of the firm’s practice areas to form this new team. Although we are the first law firm in the state to form a renewable energy practice area, knowing what we know, we believe this will be the start of a trend,” says Edmondson.

Founded in 1967, Hall Estill has offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Washington, D.C. and Northwest Arkansas employing more than 110 attorneys.

Updated 10-21-2008

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