A New Look for the New Year

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FASHION STATEMENT: Jeans, ponchos, tanks, bags, and watches are in, and color coordination is important to bring out the ‘best’ in people.

When a new year comes around we all start looking for a golden resolution, that one thing that will improve our lives for the rest of the year.

The changes we want to make usually have to do with some kind of self improvement. We either want to look better, feel better or both. That’s why gym memberships and diet programs have the highest rise of memberships in January than the rest of the year. Getting in shape and losing weight takes time. Hours, weeks and even months of discipline and hard work are spent trying to accomplish this sometimes unattainable goal.

There is something that can be done now to improve self esteem and self image and can be accomplished by virtually anyone: a style make-over.

People are not born with style. It is learned. Just as a person would take his or her car to a mechanic or hire a plumber to fix the sink, there are professionals who can help with style. Fashion stylists can develop an image for people based on what they do and what they wish to project to others and the world.

Positive first impressions are critically important in a world where opinions are formed in a matter of seconds. Style allows individuals to stand apart from the crowd, giving them self assurance.

Style is a form of self expression that can be defined through fashion. It is knowing what works for people and what doesn’t, such as playing up strengths and avoiding weaknesses. It is a powerful tool that many people do not understand.

There is hope for people who have been neglecting their style. If individuals identify their own strong and weak points, with a little creativity they might be able to attempt a mini-style makeover of their own.

One should start from the top, the head. A new hair color and cut may be helpful. If one wears glasses, try updating them. A visit to a make-up counter for a free color consultation would be interesting to check out what’s new.

Closets should be organized and consolidated each season. Get rid of what one doesn’t wear and add new accessories to keep the look updated.

A fashion stylist should be consulted for an understanding of how to get organized and to find what works. This will result in a long-term savings of time and money. A wardrobe should be classic with accessories and footwear being trendy.

Find a staple piece that makes you, you! Jackie O had her glasses, Audrey had her pearls. Whatever one does, have fun and always let your personality shine through.

Updated 01-14-2005

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