Annual Fundraising Event reminds us that Children are our “Most Cherished Gift”

“Cherish The Child” is the theme for the 6th Annual “Hope For Children” luncheon. “Hope For The Children” is one of the premier annual fundraising and educational events for The Parent Child Center of Tulsa, or as it is known to friends and supporters. According to Desiree Doherty, Executive Director of , this year’s theme could not be more appropriate.

“When people stop to think about it, most acknowledge that children are a precious gift. But sometimes in the busy demands of day to day life, we forget to appreciate our children for the very special and unique persons they are. Our theme this year encourages every one who has a child in their life that they love, to dedicate themselves to protecting, nurturing and guiding that child. The definition of the word cherish is ‘to hold dear, to hold in your heart and mind resolutely.’”

“When I reflect on what it means to hold a child resolutely in your heart and mind, I think an important question to ask is ‘what does my child need to feel safe and secure?’ What we sometimes forget is that children will not remember the material things they receive as much as they will remember the feeling of being cherished by the most important people in their world – their parents,” said Doherty.

Along with the January-held “Toyland Ball”, the “Hope For Children” luncheon is PCCT’s most important annual fundraiser. In preparation for the event, PCCT’s board members and donors have been inviting family members, friends, associates, neighbors and colleagues to come learn more about the amazing impact this organization is having in our community.

While charitable contributions are a vital need for to continue its mission of preventing child abuse and neglect, “Hope For Children” is just as much about educating the community. The event features live and video-taped testimonials by families who have benefited from PCCT’s services. Doherty also speaks about her vision for the future. Attendees will have the opportunity to honor a child they love with their name on a blue ribbon, the national symbol for child abuse prevention awareness.

What makes “Hope For Children” especially important is that it takes place in April, during National Child Abuse Prevention Month. During month, as it is called for short, child abuse prevention programs nationwide focus onraising awareness about protecting children who might be at risk.

“We believe month is the perfect opportunity to educate the public about the fact that not all children in Tulsa are safe, that thousands of children are at risk for abuse and neglect, and that we must care about all of our community’s children if we are to have any hope of a vibrant future.” said Doherty. “Obviously donations are vital for us to continue operations. But we also need community support and awareness of our mission to succeed.”

The “Hope For Children” luncheon will be held April 20 at noon in the Renaissance Hotel at 68th and Highway 169. The event is complimentary and open to the public, but reservations are required in advance.

Updated 04-08-2010

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