April 2019 Kudos of the Month: Child Abuse Network

Founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1988, the Child Abuse Network exists to provide collaborative intervention services to child abuse victims, so that they are encouraged to embrace a future driven by hope.
As a charter member of the National Children’s Alliance, CAN is an independent, non-profit corporation funded by community donations. It was established by public and private community service agencies as a centralized, evidence-based approach to facilitate seamless communication among the multidisciplinary team of agencies that investigate child abuse. CAN is located in a safe, child-friendly facility known as the Children’s Advocacy Center. CAN’s primary role is to provide a safe space for children to have a voice and serve as the advocacy arm of the multidisciplinary team.
Child abuse damages our community’s most vulnerable citizens and often has generational implications. In the context of violence, child abuse is a public health problem that presents complex social and moral dilemmas concerning its cause, effect and remedy. Addressing child abuse requires a comprehensive plan with multiple, coordinated strategies.
CAN is governed by a board of directors comprised of 20 community representatives and six agency representatives: the District Attorney’s Office, the Tulsa County Department of Human Services – Child Welfare, City of Tulsa Police Department, the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, the OU-Tulsa School of Community Medicine and the Junior League of Tulsa.
The CAN inaugural Superhero Weekend will be held April 27 and 28. Please see page 12 for information.
Together we CAN stop the hurt and start the healing.