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Imagine a place where architects design their customers’ dream projects, builders work tirelessly to stay on budget and on schedule, and all the while attention to detail and client satisfaction remains top priority.

Stop dreaming and visit Archstone Construction, 705 S. Elgin Ste. 103, in downtown Tulsa.

Archstone has been in business since October, 2005 and is headed by a man passionate about what he does every day. Project Director and Owner Clay Johnson has been interested in architecture and construction since his days in high school and has built that passion into a well solidified business.

“I really enjoy the process and the product at the end of the day,” says Johnson. “There’s nothing better than walking away from a good project and having a great relationship with the owner who calls you back for the next project or refers you to the next client. That’s when we know we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing and we know we’re doing a good job.”

Johnson worked for two local construction companies after he graduated from the University of Tulsa. After eight years, he “got the itch” to go out on his own. Around this time he also met architects Taylor King and Scott Vrooman, who were venturing out with their own business.

After working on a couple of projects together, the three decided to combine their talents in one office and offer Tulsa a one-stop-shop for design, construction and remodeling needs.

“We came up with the concept of Archstone and that it would be commercial and residential,” says Johnson. “We wanted to suit both sides since (King and Vrooman) had design and construction experience in both. We had immediate opportunities to do design/build projects where we’re designing, budgeting and building it.”

King and Vrooman own TriArch, a full service architecture, engineering and interior design firm, whose offices are located in the suite next door to Archstone. Along with Johnson, their team approach has made both businesses successful.

“Our motto is ‘team building.’ We sell that concept to people and let them know it’s a completely open and honest service where we’re working for them as their agent and giving customers a complete package for what their needs are. That’s worked well for people and we’ve already seen the fruits of our labor in those kinds of projects.”

Notable commercial projects include Indigo Joe’s, a family-atmosphere sports-centric restaurant located in Bixby just off 101st and Memorial.

“So far commercially, I’ve really liked Indigo Joe’s. Out of the gate, that was one of our (early) commercial projects.”

Under the Sun is also a favorite. One would be hard pressed to realize the 51st and Harvard location was ever a cookie cutter fast food restaurant prior to Archstone working their magic.

“It was a McDonald’s. We completely dressed it up and changed the character of that shopping center and brought a lot of color to it,” says Johnson. “That was one of our first commercial projects, but it was also one that we did as a complete package where we did the design and construction.”

Archstone is currently working on another Under the Sun location in Edmond. Johnson says while he’s not opposed to work outside of Tulsa, he wants to keep his business small so he can continue to offer his customers the highest quality of service possible.

“I think in order to service our clients, we want to be doing commercial projects that are $5 million and under. Residentially, we’re doing four to six houses a year. In five years, maybe that will be up to six to ten houses per year. The houses we do are true custom, difficult circumstance projects or high end renovations. We pride ourselves on being able to go through that process and deliver in a way that is professional and efficient.”

For more information on Archstone, call (918) 582-1651 or go to Tri-Arch can be reached at (918) 743-2724 or visited online at

Updated 05-20-2008

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