Arthur Greeno Honored at Union

Arthur Greeno, a leader of Tulsa Pop Kids and a 1987 graduate of Union High School, returned to his alma mater recently to share the topic, “How to be a ‘REMARK’able Leader!” The Union graduate has made a name for himself in the community through his entrepreneurship and leadership.

Greeno led over 700 students at the District 7 Student Council Fall Meeting held at the at Union High School. Greeno, best known for his interesting marketing stunts, is also a well-respected leader, coach and author, and has spoken all over the country on leadership.

“True leaders make efforts to inspire us to be great! It is easy to make the effort, but of course, that’s why everyone is not cut out for leadership. Our job as leaders is to make a positive impact on our community and on the world,” said Greeno, who owns two Chick-fil-A restaurants, both close to Union High School.

The timing of the event was perfect. As Fundraising Chair for the Tulsa Pop Kids, he is leading this city to some new ventures, one being the recent Tulsa Pop Culture Expo.

“Why can’t we create this region’s largest pop culture convention and the profits serve the community?” he asked, answering, “We can.” Greeno said, in planning for this year’s convention, “We are well on our way to be successful with our leaders thinking beyond what they cannot measure!”

Greeno and the Tulsa Pop Culture Expo brought talent to the expo with some big requests:
• They wanted Sean Gunn to crash a drama department
• Bo Duke to visit the Children’s Hospital
• Oklahoma’s most exceptional and tough to see their heroes from childhood
• Create a movie tour bus with the lead actor from the movie ON !
• Have the story writer from Black Panther share his story with a Tulsa Public School
• Have a famous former Tulsa student share his success in the comic realm with current students.

Union High School leadership program representatives said they were thrilled to have hosted the District 7 student council fall meeting. Led by senior leadership officer and District 7 Vice President Rowdy Farris, along with the guidance of Student Council Sponsor Martha Embry, the leadership students have worked for several months organizing the event themselves.

“We are very proud of the leadership our students have shown and honored to have held this event,” Michael Rose, associate director of Student Life, said.

Updated 11-16-2018

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