Artist Phill Cooper Celebrates the Beauty of Grand Lake

LAKE PAINTING: Oklahoma native artist Phill Cooper literally submerges himself in his work while painting impressionist-inspired scenes of Grand Lake. Cooper’s most recent show, titled “Painted Lake,??? is going on throughout October at Grove’s Brush & Palette Club, 116 S. Main in Grove.

Courtesy Cooper Design

It seems that native Oklahoma artist Phill Cooper has so many fond memories of Grand Lake, he’s created an entire art show designed to say “thank you Grand Lake.”

Using an impressionist painting style and oil on canvas as his medium, Cooper recalls those moments when Grand Lake provided amazing settings for family gatherings.

“Through the years, Grand Lake has been the setting for countless high-points in my life. So it’s only natural that I view this lake as a wonderful friend,” Cooper explains. “So how can I repay my old friend for all these years of happiness? Perhaps a portrait, not just a solitary portrait, but also several. In fact, it might take a lifetime of paintings to even come close to doing the lake justice,” he continues.

A sunset view from the boat while zipping across the lake, the simple pleasure of exploring a rocky shoreline or the quiet anticipation of monitoring a fishing bobber are just a few of the ways Cooper has captured the essence of the lake.

“‘Painted Lake’ is the first in a series of paintings which I hope will be an ongoing process,” Cooper explains. “My goal as a Grand Lake inspired artist is to point loud and clear to all the cool things I’ve discovered here. Using my favorite media, oil paint on canvas, and my favorite style, impressionism, I will showcase my favorite encounters with Grand Lake.”

Thanks to Grove’s Brush & Palette Club, which has selected Phill Cooper as a featured artist, everyone will be able to enjoy his artistic tribute to Grand Lake. The “Painted Lake” show consists of several oil paintings ranging in sizes from 8 by 8 inches to 4 by 3 feet. The collection presents an exciting range of emotion from peaceful and tranquil to whimsical and sometimes slightly bizarre. Or as Cooper puts it, “My lake images definitely go beyond the norm and that makes this show a whole lot of fun to view. There’s something here for everyone of all ages.”

Cooper is probably best known for having designed the “Tulsa” logo that is displayed on police cars, signs and promotional materials for the City of Tulsa. Other Phill Cooper logos include The Tulsa State Fair, Skiatook, Bartlesville and Big Splash Water Park.

Born and raised in Tulsa, Cooper graduated from Nathan Hale High School then later from the University of Tulsa with a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design. While attending TU, Cooper studied painting as part of his graphic design education.

His love for oil painting had to be put on hold for a few years while building his graphic design career, but early in 2002 Cooper rediscovered his art and paint supplies from college. With encouragement from his wife, Fonda, he is venturing back into painting. Today he runs a successful design studio and paints as time permits.

Those interested in Cooper’s work can view and purchase these remarkable paintings at the “Painted Lake” show throughout the month of October at Grove’s Brush & Palette Club, 116 S. Main in Grove. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information call (918) 786-9698.

Updated 10-26-2006

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