Arvest’s Karisha Arnett Becomes TYPros Chair

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YOUTHFUL LEADER: Karisha Arnett, the 2009 Tulsa Young Professionals Chair, at the recent Tulsa Metro Chamber Annual Meeting and Inauguration.

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Editor’s Note: Tulsa-area leadership has been working hard over the past few years to keep young professional talent in the region. One organization that has been very effective in keeping young talent in the region is Tulsa Young Professionals, known by its acronym “TYPros.” This is a first in a monthly series spotlighting young Tulsa leadership, many of which will be members of TYPros. Greater Tulsa is fortunate to have young talent contributing to the betterment of greater Tulsa.

Meet Karisha Arnett. Karisha is among one of the many young professionals in Tulsa whose name is gaining recognition. As a Tulsa native, Karisha graduated from Memorial High School and received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Psychology from the University of Tulsa. Today Karisha, who has established herself proudly with nearly 12 years at Arvest Bank, seeks yet another challenge.

Karisha is the 2009 Tulsa Young Professionals Chair where she succeeds Shane Fernandez, corporate director of architecture for Crafton Tull Sparks. Karisha is more like an “old pro” as she is one of the founding members of TYPros, where she began her role as a volunteer member of the “Next Generation” work crew in 2005, later to become the work crew’s leader, succeeding Marnie Ducato, vice president of Communications for Rex Public Relations.

Since Karisha’s involvement with TYPros, she has helped implement and shape the whole reason behind the TYPros mission. Her accomplishments while serving with the Next Generation crew included coordinating the 2007 Tulsa Centennial time capsule event at Veteran’s Park where a new time capsule was deemed and buried. It was then the TYPros leadership team took notice and nominated her to be the Chair-elect for 2008, to later take office in 2009.

Karisha first learned about the TYPros organization via her mentor, Don Walker, CEO of Arvest Bank in Tulsa, when he introduced the organization and its initiatives to her and suggested that she should go. In hindsight and laughter, Karisha says, “I think Don just thought it would be a great way for me to network!”

During the day, Karisha can be found at Arvest Bank at the Brookside location in Tulsa where her chief role as the vice president of NEXT at the bank is to help young professionals in Tulsa who need financial advice on opening checking and savings accounts to mortgages and investments. She is currently coordinating workshop seminars for those who want to know more about the financial market and why it is a good time to invest, if possible. She notes that these seminars are open to anyone, not just “young” people.

Where can you find Karisha in her down-time? She laughs, “Well, I enjoy spending time with my friends watching UFC fights and with my two adopted Labradors, ‘Ally and Eli.’ That pretty much keeps me busy.” Karisha shares some of her goals for 2009 as the Tulsa Young Professionals Chair. “One of the main goals the organization seeks to accomplish this year is to create even more diversity from more creeds, races and professions within TYPros.” She adds, “I want an individual of every profession to say, ‘I’m a TYPro’… I want nurses, electricians, plumbers, customer service representatives, artists, restaurant owners, teachers, firefighters and police officers… all of us make Tulsa professional.”

Karisha’s real passion is helping people, which explains why her fit within TYPros is so perfect. Another major part of the TYPros is mission is to serve. And In 2009, the organization is partnering with Tulsa’s Youth Council and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma to educate the organization and community at large. Jen Ashbaugh of Big Brothers Big Sisters is an active TYPros member who is coordinating a “Bowl for Kid’s Sake” event as part of the TYPros charitable efforts.

A final initiative for the organization in 2009 is a “health & wellness” effort in conjunction with the city’s “Million Miles” campaign to promote a healthier lifestyle as Oklahoma ranks one of the most obese states in the nation. “It is a going to be a big year for TYPros and Tulsa. I’m excited,” she concludes.

The Tulsa Young Professionals, or “TYPros,” is a group of diverse young professionals, whose typical ages range from 21- 40, working together to showcase Tulsa as a cool place to live, work and play. The mission of TYPros is to retain and attract young talent, while focusing on fostering the next generation of leadership. Membership is free. TYPros provides its members with opportunities to get in front of and build relationships with local community and business leaders. For more information or to become a member, visit TYPROS.

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