Ask Abdo: Fashion Q and A

Fashion Stylist, Isabella’s of Brookside

Q: What are some different ways to wear leggings? Are there any fashion no-no’s where they are concerned? Is this trend only for the young and the thin?

A: Some say leggings are only for women under 30, the slight-of-frame and slender-in-leg. They bring out every bulge, lump and bump and are more cruel than fashionable. Others say to never repeat a trend you’ve once worn in a totally different decade.

I agree and disagree; let me explain. First of all, I believe there is a way to wear every trend in a classy or classic way. It’s all about the styling and knowing what works on your body type and what doesn’t. When you know your body and how to accentuate the positive, you can make any trend work as well as hide the unmentionables. However, if you don’t have this knowledge, you can make some very unforgiving and severe fashion mistakes.

Whether you love or loathe this season’s most fashionable trend, they are everywhere and if you think yourself a trend setter, you’d better learn how to wear them, as well as which look will work for you. You must take your age, weight, body type and height into consideration when sporting this particular trend.

There are some definite NO-NO’S to pull off this look with style and panache. If you stray from these you may air on the side of trashy, cheap and tacky. A clingy tight fitting top is the number one no-no. Second, cover your bum! Unless you are in the gym and in competitive shape there should never be an excuse to illuminate the gluts!

The fashion statement of the season is to wear them with a draping tunic. If you want to belt it and your waist is slender, cinch it with a thicker waistband around your true waist. If you are a little thicker around the middle or your hips and waist are about the same size (even if you are thin) you will want to sling the belt. This means to loosely wear it higher on one side. To elongate your look, bring the legging around your heel and pair with the new strappy peek-a-boo gladiator stacked heel or boot and keep the shoe monochromatic.

Probably the most popular style trend of leggings is to pair them with a denim mini and your fav boots, go with flats unless you wear something very classy on top like a turtleneck and blazer. For a younger look take one of your more conservative skirts, like a pleated one and pair with calf length leggings. Also try a bright pair in magenta or purple or something more subdued in gray. Don’t rule out patterned and printed leggings. Always keep your ensemble more conservative when wearing these fanciful pieces.

The good news is you can replace those old uncomfortable, always snagging and forever getting runs pantyhose and tights reminiscent of your grandmother and fashions past.

Updated 10-19-2009

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