Ask Abdo: Solving All of Your Fashion ER’s

Q: Betsy Hollis Miller, a reader writes in “What denim works best for women with little or flat derrieres?

A: Well, Betsy “if butt implants are out of the question” I have a solution to your problem! Oprah wears them and even though she doesn’t suffer from noasatal syndrome. They work for both the well endowed and the gluteus-minimums women of the world.

Don’t let the name fool you. The all-inclusive “SKINNY !” is so sure of its fit for based on body types, wear ability and fit. The company that produces this miracle denim even lets boutiques return them if they don’t sell. That is unheard of in this industry and especially in this economy! You?re other option is the Blue Cults jean with built in butt padding.

The tried and true, never fail option is back flap button pocket jeans made by various brands and available at any store and at affordable price points. The only problem with this option? You must wear a short top or blouse or the buttons stick out leaving a non-too flattering butt bulge. You might also get indentions from sitting too long on them.

So Betsy, you have a few options. I realize denim is very hard to find and fit well for most women. I cannot understand why you guys can’t figure out TO ALTER DENIM!!!! Especially if you have a big butt and a tiny waist!

If you still can’t get a grip on the jean theory, set up a personal appointment with Holly or me at Isabellas of Brookside, 35th Street off Peoria Avenue across from Cafe Ole’ complimentary. The result will not only compliment your look and style but also solve all of your denim woes for a lifetime!

Kim Abdo, Isabellas Of Brookside (Fashion consultant, buyer, personal shopper and make-over Guru. Make your personal appointment today. Call Holly at (918) 744-9200 or Kim at (918) 406-1911 (Kim personal appointments only.)

Updated 06-15-2009

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