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Q: Out of the thousands of jeans out there, how do I find the one pair that is perfect for me?

A: Denim continues to be one of the hottest fashion trends. All we want is to find a pair that looks absolutely fab every time we put them on and wash after wash. So how do we sort through the different cuts, colors and styles to find the perfect pair?
First it depends on your height, build and figure.

For petite women you want to find a look that will bring out your sophistication. Choose a longer hem that will lengthen the look of your legs and, thereby, your torso. Stay away from crop, rolled or capri styles unless worn with heels.

If you are boxy you can count on a looser fit, but be careful: you never want to swim in your jeans or have baggy butt. It will just make you look sloppy. You never want to appear that you are trying to hide in your clothes.

Tall women can buy jeans based on figure and not on height. Smaller frames can wear cropped lengths to draw attention away from your height. To attract to tall statures, skinny pants will elongate.

For curvy figures, choose a dark denim with a longer boot cut. Trouser jeans that have a wide waist band and wide belt loops are my number one pick for all body types but especially curvy ones. They draw attention away from the body, creating a very classic sillouhouette rather than concentrating on a specific area. Unless you are trying to accentuate your curves, avoid jeans that are so snug they hug every bump and buldge, like low waist denim with small or flap pockets. A mid-waist rise will give you the coverage and support that you need as well as the style that you want.

As always, you wear the clothes. Don’t let the clothes wear you. Let your own personal style shine through. Find your own Jackie O. staple piece and make it your own. Most importantly, have fun and be creative with your style.
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Updated 09-22-2009

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