Avalon’s Ralph Casteel to Speak at Press Club


ELIZ HOLLIS for GTR Newspapers

Avalon’s Tulsa Director of Community Placement Ralph Casteel III will be the Tulsa Press Club’s featured Page One speaker on June 25.

It only takes one DUI to land an Oklahoman in jail for up to a year. A second DUI? Automatic prison time of up to 10 years. In many cases, individuals who commit these offenses are citizens who made bad decisions in the heat-of-the-moment, want to right that decision but can’t afford to lose their home, family or job by going to prison. Enter Avalon Correctional Services.

Avalon provides an alternative to jail or prison, recognizing that “clients can be effectively monitored and provided with quality programs in a community setting,” Avalon’s overall objective is reducing recidivism, overpopulated prisons and the taxpayer’s burden for the cost of corrections.

Originally founded in 1985 to alleviate the number of individuals incarcerated for drunk driving offenses, Avalon’s main clientele are individuals with drug or alcohol-related charges. Avalon offers clients the opportunity to participate in a court-approved program while maintaining a job. Participants are allowed to keep current jobs or are provided help in finding a job. They pay a weekly fee to partake in one of Avalon’s programs, live in the company’s facility (depending on their program) and participate in a drug or alcohol abuse treatment program if needed.

In return, Avalon gives the individual the opportunity to prove to a judge that he is serious about changing and willing to be rehabilitated under supervision before returning to a normal life.
Avalon currently has a total of 14 facilities in four states (Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Wyoming) with a central office in Oklahoma City.

Cost of the luncheon is $12 for Press Club members and $15 for the general public. Reservations should be made by calling (918) 583-7737 or e-mailing mail@tulsapressclub.com .

Updated 06-24-2008

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