B.A.’s Rooster Days Rescheduled for Sept. 3-6

Not even an international breakout of Coronavirus can get in the way of Broken Arrow’s Rooster Days maintaining its place as the oldest continuing community event in the state.
 It has, however, forced the Chamber of Commerce to reschedule the local tradition from May until the Labor Day weekend, Sept. 3-6.
Wondering how Rooster Days got its name?
When it all began in 1931, there was a thriving poultry industry on the farms surrounding Broken Arrow. Leo S. Wortman, secretary-manager of the chamber at that time, came up with the idea of establishing a special day for farmers to bring to market excess roosters that were messing up plans to establish an infertile egg market here.
Wortman knew infertile eggs were bringing top prices in those depression days.  Fertile eggs simply did not keep well, and in the time before rural electricity and refrigerators, that was a real problem.
As electricity became more readily available, Rooster Day evolved into a time to come to town and have fun. It also evolved from Rooster Day to Rooster Days.
Each year a gala parade has served as the official opening of the event which now extends over an entire weekend. Along with an abundance of food and carnival rides in Central Park, a young lady is crowned Miss Chick and a by-invitation-only breakfast is held for those who were born here 50 years ago, or have lived here for 50 years. 
More details for this year’s festivities with be announced as the event craws near.

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