B.A. Fire Department Receives Grant

The Broken Arrow Fire Department recently received a $120,000 Assistance to Firefighters Grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the purchase of six Stryker Power- Systems to be installed in the department’s front line ambulance fleet.  The Power- System lifts and lowers the cot into and out of the ambulance, reducing spinal loads and the risk of cumulative trauma injuries. The Power- system also improves operator and patient safety by supporting the cot throughout the loading and unloading process.  

The cots reduce the risk of injuries for both personnel and patients. It also minimizes delayed scene times due to loading patients on stretchers who exceed the crew’s ability to lift the stretcher into the ambulance.

“The addition of the auto-loading cots will be a great benefit to both our firefighters and our citizens,” says Broken Arrow Fire Chief Jeremy Moore. “The cot systems provide a greater level of security to the patients, while eliminating back and lifting injuries for our firefighters.  We’re honored to receive federal funds to help us add these cots to our department.”   

The total cost of the equipment is approximately $132,000, while the city will pay the remaining $12,000 plus the $6,600 it costs to install the cots. The city’s portion of the funds will come from the fire department’s sales tax fund.

Updated 07-25-2017

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