B.A. Youth Council Announced

STUDENT ACTIVISM: Pictured are the 2015-2016 Broken Arrow Youth City Council members: Braden Price, Broken Arrow High School (), Brent Shafer, , Cale Ensminger, , Caleb Elder, , Cameron Elder, , Cara Ho, homeschool, Corinne Honeyman, , Elizabeth Dana Thomas, , Eric E. McKinney, Pentecostal Christian Academy, , Grace Robinson, A BeKa Academy, Jonathan Robert, , Maureen Hanes, Union High School, Precious Okourwa, , Winchell Gallardo, , and Zarria Young, . Broken Arrow Youth City Council provides opportunity for high school students to learn how municipal government works, obtain an understanding of local policymaking and serve their community.

Updated 09-27-2015

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