Baby Name Trends for 2010

PR Log (Press Release) – Feb 07, 2010 –

Celebrity Baby Names 
Babies marked with Gavin, Ryder, Isla, and Sienna will prove that this year, parents-to-be still love their gossip mags. But, it’s also the self-made celebs that grab the attention of baby name seekers as well. It’s likely that reality star names such as Khloe and Kendra for girls, and Rob and Jake for boys will do their fair share of climbing in 2010. 

Matthew McConaughey kicked off the New Year by welcoming a daughter, named Vida, on January 3rd. Although Nicole Richie and Joel Madden continued their unique baby naming pattern with son, Sparrow James Midnight, it looks like the crazy celebrity baby naming fad may be on the downtrend. 

Traditional Baby Names 
If celebrities are any indication of new trends, traditional baby names are making a huge comeback. Reality star Kendra Wilkinson and NFL star Hank Baskett named their son Hank Baskett IV, while Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen named their son Benjamin. Actress Kelly Rutherford labeled her daughter Helena Grace, and, Lance Armstrong welcomed son Max. 

Trendy Baby Names 
Parents who are fans of the popular names, but do not want to have their bundle of joy blend in with the crowd are turning to names that sound just like the chart toppers. Names like Addison, Ella, and Isabelle will likely grow in popularity this year for girls. And, with Jackson still holding strong in the top 10 charts, Mason and Grayson will likely follow suit from proud parents of bouncing baby boys. Also in vogue are names for bundles in blue that end with –en and –an. Monikers like Braden, Owen, Logan, and Tristan will be coming to a sandbox near you this year. 

Biblical Baby Names 
Names like Elijah, Isaac, Jonah and Judah will likely make an ascent in popularity this year for boys. However, names for the latest batch of girl babies in 2010 may see a decline in biblical names, such as Hannah, Faith, and Rebekah. 
Sibling Names Starting with the Same Letter 

What else is America naming their babies this year? Famous families like the Kardashians (Khloe, Kourtney and Kim) and the Duggars, whose 19 children all have names starting with the letter “J,” won’t be the only ones giving their entire brood names starting with the same letter. You can mark 2010 as the year filled with same-letter sibling names like Jayden, Jacob, Juliet and Jillian. 

Unisex Baby Names 
The baby-naming craze of unisex names still holds true for 2010 with names like Hayden, Taylor, Riley, and Peyton. Female Singer Taylor Swift and Male Twilight actor Taylor Lautner, as well as female actress Hayden Panettiere and male actor Hayden Christensen are two examples that this trend will continue to grow. We also predict the gender rules being broken with baby names, as is the case of Heidi Klum and Seal who recently named their daughter Lou. 

Unique Baby Names 
Don’t be surprised to see unique names like Asher, Rhys, Emmett, and Jude gaining momentum this year for boys, while Stella, Esme, Ruby, and Scarlett are here to bust up the popular top 10 monikers for girls that have been holding strong for the last couple of years. 
As much as many parents love the same batch of names we’ve been seeing in years past, the new trend in 2010 will likely be to keep their sweet peas’ names unique without standing way out in left field. 

From hot Hollywood namesakes to familiar names given a new twist, we can’t wait to see what this year does to the top of the baby name charts! 

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Updated 02-08-2010

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