Cherokee Chief Signs Executive Order

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker today signed an Executive Order that allows Cherokee Nation employees to speak with all elected officials, as such has been forbidden in recent years.

“The purpose of this Order is to allow all employees to speak openly about theirduties, responsibilities and concerns as both employees and citizens of theNation with their duly elected Council Representative or any member of the Council,” Baker said. “Open dialogue is essential to a transparent and properly functioning government and will better enable the Council to fully understand the operations of the Cherokee Nation as well.”

For at least the last six years the Nation’s employees were forbidden to speak with any Council member, including their own, about issues related to their employment with the Nation.

“No one should be forced to waive their rights under the Cherokee Constitution to work for our Nation. We will honor and respect our employees. We are going to run an open and transparent government and no one will ever be censored. This is just the first of several steps in that direction,” Baker said.

Updated 10-25-2011

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