Barthelmes Congratulates First Graduates

When the Barthelmes Conservatory Music School graduates its first students this month, two will be looking forward to college careers that might not otherwise have been possible if the fledgling program had not opened its doors five years ago.

The first two students to graduate from the Conservatory Music School program have been accepted to college and university programs. Bo Willis, a 15-year-old violin student, has been accepted to the University of Tulsa and Aidan Matthews, a 17-year-old piano student, has been accepted to Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.

After four years in the program, Willis and Mathews are ready for college. “I feel prepared for college and very grateful to the Conservatory for that preparation,” said Willis. “Barthelmes looks very, very good on an application,” agrees Matthews. “And it should, because it’s a helpful experience to have had during high school.”

The program is designed to prepare students who wish to pursue music as a professional career. The Conservatory Music School offers benefits to students including full merit-based scholarships, comprehensive and well-rounded music curriculum, music instruction, credentials for college, individual coaching and guidance, and opportunities to perform.

The Conservatory claims that it’s a place to awaken the musician within. Both students believe the school does just that. Willis mentioned, “I had music in me before I had ever heard of Barthelmes Conservatory but now music is everywhere I go and in everything I see.”

The Barthelmes Conservatory is located in downtown Tulsa. The Conservatory’s Music School is located on the third floor of the Avanti Building at 810 S. Cincinnati Avenue. For more information, call (918) 749-0330.

Updated 06-15-2009

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