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The Barthelmes Conservatory of Music is proud to announce the auditions for the Music School. The Conservatory strives to be a premier destination and resource for community music education through its two divisions: Music School and Music Center.

The Music School division provides the finest in music education. The vision for excellence is enriched by innovative approaches to curriculum development in music education. The goal at the Music School is to challenge and hold the student to an expecation of musical growth and high achivement. It has a comprehensive offering of instrument instruction, music theory, history, and ensemble taught by experienced faculty. The faculty members are music educators with considerable performing and teaching expertise and extensive training. In the Music School, the students are assured of tailor-made learning opportunitiees.

The Music School is a year-long program (September-May) beginning with an initial audition. Last year the school accepted 13 students at the Music School on full merit-based scholarships. On average the students are between the ages of 8 to13. Barthelmes aims to promote life-long learning through a sequential curriculum. It starts with instrument instruction and theory during the first year and adds music history, literature, and ensemble the second year.

The Music School gives the following benefits to the students:

  • Full merit-based scholarships as a mark of prestige
  • Comprehensive and well-rounded music curriculum catering to the needs of beginning young musicians
  • Quality music instruction from the Conservatory’s experienced faculty
  • Credential for college admission through demonstrating sustained achivement
  • Comprehensive review, recognition of student progress and portfolio documentation
  • Individual coaching, counseling and guidance in setting and reaching the highest musical goals
  • Opportunities to perform
  • Access to the Conservatory’s other events
  • Attendance to concerts and performances

All students at the Music School receive full merit-based scholarships that cover all the expenses associated with the Music School. Auditions are required for scholarship consideration. Auditions do not require prior instruction or initial skill in playing the instrument, however. Instead, they are designed to assess basic music aptitude necessary for success in a program. Students also need to demonstrate sincere passion for music and desire to begin or continue music training.

This year the Music School auditions are held in August at the Barthelmes Conservatory located in the Bernsen Building, 708 S. Boston Ave., Tulsa, OK 74119.

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Updated 07-25-2005

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