Barthelmes Conservatory Students Praise Their Musical Education


The Barthelmes Conservatory of Music is currently holding the auditions for the Music School. The Music School is a year-long, full scholarship based program(September-May) beginning with initial audition. Here is what Conservatory Music School students had to say after completing their first year in the Music School.

Maria Sepulveda – “Music is like my thing…I know by heart…Not all students received scholarships…only the lucky ones…I was lucky to deserve one…I learned lots of stuff in music theory…I think my music theory class is awesome …when I practice my cello book it helps me a lot to know the theory part…like half notes…major scales…and minor scales. My instrument is the best in the whole world…because it has high notes and then really deep notes…yeah…cello has a richer and deeper sound… the Music School helped me to concentrate on music not on other stuff…like when I am here I have my mind off…and I worry about music…nothing else… in my other school I have to learn math, reading and other things but here I have only music in my mind. Music is like a rhythm inside of you…it makes you feel different inside…something deeper. I have an idea to make a poster of scales for new students…I will tell the new students that they can have a lot of fun if they like music…here they will try hard and challenging stuff…when they learn the new stuff they can try harder and more challenging stuff…they can actually grow. Instead of playing easy music, they should try something new…”

Mary Cervantes – “After a year in Music School I play so much better than what I used to play…Music School goes fine so far…I really have talent for music…it is a privilege to be a student here…I am practicing 15 to 25 minutes pretty much every single day…except Sundays. I never get nervous about Closed Concerts…I am playing in front of people I already know and they already know me…Open Concerts are different…I feel nervous…because I never before played in front of a huge number of people…especially people who I don’t know… After a year in music school I play so much better than what I used to play…like from the average of 1 to 10, now I am pretty much like 9.5 in music. Music School is a great place to learn…if you want to learn harder stuff… “

Auditions are conducted once a year. Contact the Music School to schedule an audition at 794-0330 or

The Barthelmes Conservatory is located in the Bernsen Building, 708 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119.

Updated 08-22-2005

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