Barthelmes Has First-Class Music Instruction

YOUNG TALENT: Student Priscilla Ochoa practices her viola under the instruction of Terry Pollack at the Music School Division of the Barthelmes Conservatory in downtown Tulsa.

Photo courtesy of The Barthelmes Conservatory

The Barthelmes Conservatory in downtown Tulsa adopted a fresh and innovative vision last fall under the leadership of the new Executive Director, Aida Aydinyan.

The Conservatory now offers both selective and non-selective ways for community members to pursue music education.

Spearheading the programs available at Barthelmes Conservatory is the Music School, an intensive, well-rounded music program with a set cirriculum and hard assessments that follow the refined and prestigious Russian model of music education.

The Music School division of Barthelmes Conservatory serves a select group of students who exhibit the aptitude for musical excellence.

Identified at the elementary level and chosen through competitive audition, these gifted students are placed on a course of instruction intended to yield superior achievement and life-long rewards.

Students desiring to enter the school are asked to audition and, if selected, are provided with full, merit-based scholarships to the Music School.

The curriculum, administered by the faculty of distinguished musicians and educators, including Kevin Jackson, cello; Dana Maher, piano; Terry Pollack, violin, viola; and Dr. Theresa Reed, music theory, consists of bi-weekly instrument instruction and bi-weekly music theory instruction.

Music literature and history, ensemble and orchestra classes will also be part of the Music School cirricula next fall. The Conservatory in addition provides tickets for students and parents to attend concerts and performances.

“Conservatory’s approach to music education is holistic,” says Aydinyan. “Music keeps us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit.”

“We aim to unlock the musical potentials of our students and awaken inner feelings.”

“We don’t want our students’ music education to be limited to mainly inside-classroom experiences. Attending live concerts and performances is the integral component of our Music School’s curricula.”

The Music School division of Barthelmes Conservatory recognizes excellence, progress, the support of music school parents, and the role of music in the larger artistic community. The uniqueness of each individual student, the intrinsic nature of practice for development, the role of parents for encouragement and guidance, and the enhancement and fostering of music and musicianship in the Tulsa area are the pillars of the revived Barthelmes Conservatory.

Barthelmes Conservatory also offers the Music Center, a non-selective, flexible program designed for community members of all ages and abilities. The center offers individual and group instruction in piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, guitar, and drums, as well as orchestra, ensemble and music theory classes.

The Conservatory also is offering a once a month “Talking Music” series of free, informal concerts, recitals, and lectures featuring a wide spectrum of music genres, forms and styles. These events are open to the public.

Auditions for the Music School will be held this August.

The Barthelmes Conservatory is located in downtown Tulsa at 708 S. Boston Ave. The phone number is 918-794-0330. For more information, please visit

Updated 04-28-2005

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