Bartlett Administration Proposes Budget Modifications to Council

In a move to address services requested by the Tulsa City Council for inclusion in the proposed budget, today Mayor Dewey Bartlett informed the Councilors that he has directed the Finance Department to prepare an amendment to the submitted budget to address several priorities of the Council.

Specifically, Mayor Bartlett has directed that the budget be amended to include additional funding to for expanded bus routes, to increase funding for the legal department’s litigation section, to restore funding to the operation of the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency, and fund three small areas plans in southwest Tulsa, midtown area and north Tulsa and to increase funding for the Community Intervention Center. The Mayor also suggested keeping the crossing guard program at status-quo for FY12.

“As a result of higher than expected collection of use tax, the Finance Department is confident that an increase in projected use tax revenue for the next fiscal year will enable us to address these budget amendments” Mayor Bartlett said.

“I believe our budget process this year has gone very well with very few disagreements between the Administration and the Council. As I have studied the Council’s priorities, I too believe they are important enough to be funded,” Mayor Bartlett said.

Finance Director Mike Kier said the projected use tax collections for FY12 were adjusted based on actual use taxes collected in the current fiscal year. The actual use tax collections for FY 11 to date were more than $500,000 ahead of projections.

Below are some additional items Mayor Bartlett proposed in the FY12 Budget to the City Council earlier this year:

$500,000 for demolition of dilapidated structures
$432,000 for ten mowing cycles instead of six
$1.4 million funding for streets and expressway lighting
$821,000 for a police and fire academy
$138,000 to open five public pools for summer 2012

Updated 07-13-2011

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