Baseball And Drugs

Granted, it is not a good idea to use drugs, granted it is not something we would want to encourage in the youth of the nation. But, let me understand the situation: The nation is at risk because a bunch of guys have used drugs to enhance their abilities in sports, sports the public pays big money to watch, buy logo-enhanced caps, towels, jackets and underwear—now the public is shocked to discover that these guys are naturally built like buildings—shocked, shocked I say.

Now there is an investigation: The investigating body is a bunch of congressmen who spend the bulk of their time soliciting money from special interest groups whom they oftentimes protect in opposition to the best interest of the electorate.

So, some guys that shake and wiggle on Capital Hill for the big bucks are investigating some guys who may take steroids so they can make big bucks so they can sell tickets and logos for owners who give the investigators big bucks…, is this the American way?

Richard L. Fricker

Updated 03-29-2005

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