Big Gigantic’s A PLACE BEHIND THE MOON Has Big Appeal

‘s boutique record label, 1320 Records, proudly presents A Place Behind the Moon, the new full-length studio release from BIG GIGANTIC, which is now available (Official Release: September 1, 2010 / 1320 Records).

A Place Behind The Moon explores a unique mixture of electronic and acoustic styles, clearly defining the vision that brainchild and saxophonist/producer, Dominic Lalli, and drummer, Jeremy Salken both conceived and mastered.This sophomore effort is the strongest statement to date by Big Gigantic and it effortlessly combines saxophone and syncopated drum rhythms with intoxicating, intertwining electronic undertones, truly bringing a unique sound to the evolving, electronic genre.

A Place Behind The Moon demonstratesBig Gigantic successfully delves deep into the future of electronic music, while staying in touch with their own musical roots, to ultimately create a history all their own.

A Place Behind the Moon
 is available now for free download on In addition, APBTM will also be available for purchase on with purchased copies including the bonus, title track, A Place Behind the Moon, featuring a first-time studio collaboration with STS9.

Updated 09-09-2010

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