Bixby Economy Continues to Strengthen

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MORE OPTIONS: Duke’s Southern Kitchen in the Spirit Bank Event Center is just one of the businesses that recently opened in the Bixby area.


Bixby has become a successful and growing community that continues to show promise for a bright tomorrow. Through economic development and community support, businesses continue to look at the area as prime real estate.

With establishment, expansion and completion, businesses are making progress this year according to Bixby Economic Development Director Trish Richey.

One of the exciting developments being established this year is Encore on Memorial (for more information, see page 16). Richey says, “The $20 million project will offer 248 residences in a garden-style apartment gated-setting community. Ground has been broken and construction is estimated to be completed in December 2012. This really will be a great addition for the local economy due to the number of individuals who will relocate and move into these new homes.”

She continues, “The real advantage that we have in our area is a demographic related to our high Effective Buying Income associated with the per capita income. Our residential population continues to experience steady growth and over the last decade, Bixby moved up the ranks to be the 20th largest city in Oklahoma.”

This year will also bring the further expansion of the Spirit Bank Event Center. Eighty percent of the offices within the center will be occupied by businesses this July. Richey notes that “This really is exciting since the low economy resulted in closed doors. One of the new businesses there is Duke’s Southern Kitchen, which is doing very well and has become a popular dining destination.”

“Just in front of Spirit Bank, Regal Plaza is currently 60 percent occupied. This is an increase from a 30 percent occupation last year. One addition is Southern Nazarene University, which recently opened its doors. They are occupying 17,000 square feet with room to grow. Hopefully, even more businesses will be established there before the end of this year,” Richey adds.

In addition, Bentley Park has been an exciting development that has continued to give back to the community. The sporting area hosts a variety of tournaments throughout the year says Richey. “I recently had a traffic count taken on Memorial during an evening sports tournament. There were 5,000 additional vehicles coming into Bixby. More than likely, there are more than two people in traveling to the park together. Many of these families enjoy dinner or even a day of shopping while here, which increases our tax revenue.”

To put this into perspective, there were 14 tournaments last year for baseball alone. That means that a total of 20,000 visitors spent time in the community. An estimated $110 per player equaling $687,000 was placed back into Bixby’s economy thanks to Bentley Park.

This year will also bring the opportunity for the City of Bixby to seek out businesses that will improve quality of life for residents and fill in gaps of what is already offered in the community. “Our economic efforts have and will continue to primarily target bringing in commercial retail to compliment what is already in the area. Our emphasis stems from a recent Opportunity Gap study showing a significant opportunity for sporting goods, electronics, appliances, grocery, full service restaurants and family clothing.”

There are many other developments that will begin to take shape this year. “I cannot yet talk about them but ensure everyone that they are very exciting. Announcements will be made throughout the upcoming months.”

Updated 05-23-2011

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