Bixby Metro Chamber Focuses on Economic Development and Growth

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CHAMBER LEADER: The Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce is lead by President and CEO Krystal Crockett plus a board of directors of 16 local business and community leaders.

Since 1947, the Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce has strived to bring out the best in the community, the best in the city and the best in area businesses. BMCC is an active and driving force in the community focused on economic development and business growth. Through city, state and regional partnerships, it has laid a foundation for residential and business development and offers its partners opportunities to promote and brand themselves in the community.  
The Bixby Chamber is nearly 500 partners strong and continues to be a leader for progress for business and citizens. It assists in building relationships through networking functions and keeping its partners informed and educated in order to ensure a thriving, prospering community. 
The Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce has been recognized every year since 2010 by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives for being one of the nation’s top 10 Chambers of its size in the categories of Number of New Members and New Member Dollars. The BMCC is lead by President and CEO Krystal Crockett, who has been with the Chamber for more than 10 years, along with a board of directors of 16 local business and community leaders. In 2019, the chamber spearheaded the creation of the Bixby Development Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is focused on the long-term economic success of the Bixby area.
The chamber is the lead organization in the city for primary job, industrial, and office recruitment in Bixby and works directly with the City to direct valuable and smart growth for its companies and citizens. The mission is to offer a wide variety of programs and services that stimulate economic growth and spearhead initiatives that help grow the Bixby community.   
The mission is accomplished by helping to 1) Create a Better Community – through advocacy, relationship building and events; 2) Build Stronger Businesses – through visibility, connections and marketing; and 3) Provide Development Opportunities – through leadership development, education and committee involvement. 
As a city, Bixby was recognized as the fastest growing city in our region in 2017, and as a chamber, it has been recognized as one of the fastest growing chambers in the nation. With this growth, it continues to work hand-in-hand with businesses, committed individuals, education partners, local and state-wide government and civic organizations to improve not only the community but all of Oklahoma’s quality of life and continued growth. 
BMC actively supports and responds to the needs of community and business partners. The chamber recognizes these needs as the top priority and works to develop and deliver quality programs, products to promote businesses, and services to benefit our community and businesses. 
Through a partnership with the City of Bixby, the Chamber plays a major role in Economic Development for the community.  
In 2016, the Bixby Metro Chamber spearheaded the creation of the Bixby Economic Development Advisory Council (BEDAC).  BEDAC is comprised of members from the city chamber, Bixby Public Schools and the Bixby business community to help ensure that all economic development initiatives and programs for the Bixby community are compatible, coordinated, and focused on the common goals of all entities. In 2017, BEDAC commissioned an outside consultant to do a competitive analysis for the Bixby community to study the community and current economic development activities to show where it stands in comparison to other communities – the results were positive! The report also included target industry analysis that showed what industries and companies Bixby is positioned to attract and grow. 
As Bixby moves into the future, the BMC’s vision is to provide a pathway to the community for business owners by growing relationships and togetherness which will positively affect revenue for Bixby and add value for our entire community. The future for the city and for the chamber is one of constant growth, endless possibilities and continued prosperity. For more information, visit