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Black and white never goes out of style. Whether worn separately or together in graphic or mod prints, gingham, floral or polka dots, the impact can be one of elegance or urban expression. The staying power of these colors and combinations make them a constant factor in fashion and style year after year, season after season.

This year the thing to do for a fresh approach is to combine these colors, patterned or otherwise, with a bold splash of color. Choose red, yellow, blue or pink in bright hues. Pop a bust of color with a belt, clutch, shoes or other accessories.

Also new this season are red and white color combinations that are fabulous combined with black as an accent color. Looking for a fresh idea for a new handbag? White is where it’s at. From bright to beige, it’s the perfect summer accessory. Also try handbags in a colored pattern of black, pink or red.

Not only are black and white popular colors for fashion but in the home as well. From accent pillows to bed linens, the bold graphics and crisp lines feel fresh, clean and comfortable. They can be just the change a room needs to make a girl jump out of bed a little faster in the morning or put an extra skip in her step. Adding a burst of color also works in the bedroom. Just add throw pillows and accessories in your favorite colors.

Color is the name of the game when it comes to accessories this season. Adding hints of hues is an inexpensive way to keep current while continuing to look trend-worthy and updated. Want to add a little black and white to your wardrobe? Slip on a pair of zebra stripe flats, headband or patterned belt. Using black in a nautical color scheme (black substitutes for navy) is another easy way to add a twist to an old favorite.

With so many choices and alternatives this season, the most important thing to remember is to explore outside the comfort zone and have a little fun!

The author Kim Abdo is the owner of Isabellas, an upscale fashion store located in Tulsa’s Brookside at 35th St. just East of Peoria Ave. For additional information please call (918) 744-9100, or visit us at

Updated 05-14-2007

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