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TASTEFUL ART: Bookside Sugar Art Supply, a new addition to Brookside will offer a variety of supplies and resources for the sugar art enthusiast.


Brookside Sugar Art Supply has already become a welcomed addition to the community since its opening in February. The specialty store offers everything that individuals need to begin or continue their sugar art hobby.

Decorating cakes and cookies has always been a hobby of Millinda Johnson. “While in high school, I discovered that a neighbor created sugar art for a profession. She took me under her wing and taught me a lot of the techniques.”

It didn’t take long before Johnson was baking treats for everyone. “For example, it is so rewarding to bake and decorate a cake for someone and watching their face light up. It is a great way to make loved ones happy.”

Years later, Johnson decided to follow her dream and open Brookside Sugar Art Supply after realizing the need for a specialty store in the area. “I had noticed that it was difficult to find some items for my hobby and decided to open a store that specializes specifically in sugar art. Brookside is such a popular location. I have a Merle Norman store here and when a double office space became available, I decided to jump at the chance.”

One of the most popular items in the story is Fondarific. “We have a variety of colors and flavors, which serves as a good base for sugar arts. The thin layer is placed across the sweets and can add to the shape and decoration. Many times, it is cut into unique shapes and applied over a different color to create designs.”

Other unique items offered at Brookside Sugar Art Supply include bakeware, fillings, Wilton, Nordic Ware as well as frosting that is available in bulk sizes.

Johnson most enjoys the unlimited creativity that there is when creating sugar art. “When someone has a special occasion, they normally serve something sweet like cakes or cookies. It is a lot of fun to fit those sweets to the occasion by decorating them in different ways.”

Color is one of the most challenging and yet rewarding aspects of decorating sweets. “Even though it is challenging, creating just the right color for a decoration is very enjoyable.”

A Wilson course began in April at Brookside Sugar Arts. These classes are offered throughout the nation and have become very popular recently with hit television shows such as Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss. “The course consists of four classes that are two hours in length. A variety of techniques will be taught to students.”

Creating sugar art is a great project for entire families to enjoy together. “Kids love it. This is a way to teach them about math, sanitary practices, artistic skills and even social skills such as sharing and being thoughtful of others. There are a lot of lessons that can be incorporated into creating sugar art with kids.”

Brookside Sugar Art Supply is located at 4306 S. Peoria Ave. The store is open Tuesdays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, call (918) 574-2727.

Updated 05-18-2010

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