Bubba-Q-Boys Launches New BBQ Rub

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Josh White tests his new Bubba-Q-Boys BBQ rub as his young daughters enjoy.

Bubba-Q-Boys, a Tulsa-based competitive team, has recently packaged its award-winning rub for at-home grilling and smoking meat.

The family-owned team started competing in 2007 in Tulsa-area competitions. Josh and Kristy White, along with their children Addy (7), Aiden (5) and Avery (2) travel to Tulsa, Bixby and southwest Missouri with their pull-behind smoker and pop-up camper to put their meat to the test at area contests.

“We enjoy smoking meat and trying new techniques,” says Kristy White, co-owner of Bubba-Q-Boys. “This rub is the tasty result of many experiments in our kitchen. Not every cook has the time or the patience to experiment with different techniques, so we’ve gone with one of our favorites and bottled it up for people to try in their own kitchen.”

Throughout the past seven years the team has placed in the top ten for sausage, chicken, ribs, brisket and pork shoulder. Bubba-Q-Boys dry rub can be used for seasoning all meats – even burgers and can also be used as flavoring for homemade chips, French fries and popcorn.

The rub which is ‘Salty Sweet with Just a Little Heat’ is available 12 ounce bottles ($7.99) or 7 lb. bags ($27.99). It can be purchased online at www.bubba-q-boys.com or by calling 918-638-0686.

Updated 10-09-2014

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