Building Tulsa Building Lives

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Gail Zarrow Richards and Judy Zarrow Kishner, representing the Zarrow Family Foundation, are working on a project that will bring hope to Tulsa’s homeless. The photo was taken after a presentation about the program at the Rotary Club of Tulsa on Dec. 5. In the middle is Mike Brose, executive director of the Mental Health Association in Tulsa. The new project, Building Tulsa Building Lives, will cost about $27 million over the next five years.

The program will place a homeless person into a basic housing unit for free and then provide services to deal with personal issues. A similar program is already operating in the city, and the Mental Health Association says 80 percent of the people do not return to being homeless. Some of the money for the program will come from private foundations, but Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor says she is also looking at other sources to help pay for the project. The Zarrow Family Foundation started the effort last year with a generous gift. The Mental Health Association of Tulsa and the Tulsa Housing Authority have also become involved to provide social services and housing expertise.

Updated 12-17-2007

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